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3C H A p T E RProject ManagementDISCUSSION inquiries 1. There space many possible answers. Project management is nee

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1. Net Interest earnings is a. Attention earned on advancements b. Interest earned on investments c. Complete interest deserve on a

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A task Reflection top top LPG Pipeline Installation and Survey task for Gujarat to Uttar Pradesh NetworkGriffith Scho

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Project ManagementProject Management1Question 1 1. Divisional Finance staff: Divisional Finance employee comes under

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c     c    c Project: Nam Con child Gas job of brothers Petroleum, Vietnam Topic: various contro

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By Satish YadavalliVARIOUS stages OF PROJECTPAVE A route FOR effective COMPLETION standing UPDATING v NETWORK A

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Chapter 7 Project price Management TRUE/FALSE 1. Overrun is the extr percentage amount whereby estimates exceed really costs. - FALSE 2. The main output that the planning price management procedure is a readjust request. - FALSE 3. It project supervisors must be able to present and discuss project details both in financial and also technical terms.- TRUE 4. Project managers must conduct cash flow analysis to identify net present value. - TRUE 5. Intangible costs can be easily measured in financial terms. - FALSE 6. When deciding what jobs to invest in or continue, one should incorporate sunk costs.- FALSE 7. That is vital for project managers to focus on indirect costs since they have the right to be easily managed - FALSE 8. If an essential supplier goes the end of business, monitoring reserves have the right to be set aside to cover the result costs. - FALSE 9. Contingency make reservation are likewise known as unknown unknowns.- TRUE 10. A expense management arrangement can incorporate organizational procedures links, manage thresholds, and procedure descriptions. - TRUE 11. A budgetary calculation is the many accurate the the three varieties of estimates.- FALSE 12. Budgetary estimates are do even before a job is officially started. - FALSE 13. Definitive estimates are make one year or much less prior to job completion. - TRUE 14. Estimates should become much more accurate together time progresses. - TRUE 15. Sustaining details for an estimate incorporate the floor rules and assumptions provided in producing the estimate. - TRUE 16. Analogous approximates are called activity-based costing. - FALSE 17. Analogous estimates are the many accurate method to calculation costs. - FALSE 18. In a bottom-up estimate, the dimension of the individual work items is among the components that drives the accuracy the the estimates. - TRUE 19. Parametric models space reliable when the models are flexible in regards to the project’s size. - TRUE 20. One of the reasons why project price estimates room inaccurate is because human beings space biased towards underestimation. - TRUE 21. The is vital for project supervisors to understand that every price estimate is unique. - TRUE 22. Determining the spending plan involves allocation the project cost estimate to individual occupational items over time. - TRUE 23. The project administration plan and also project funding requirements space inputs the the procedure of managing costs. - TRUE 24. The formulas for variances and indexes begin with EV, the earned value. - TRUE 25. If cost variance is a confident number, it method that performing the job-related costs more than planned. - FALSE 26. A an unfavorable schedule variance method that it take it lesser 보다 planned to carry out the work. - FALSE 27. If the cost performance index (CPI) is less than 100 percent, the project is under budget. - FALSE 28. A schedule performance index the one method that the task is ~ above schedule. - TRUE 29. In an earned worth chart, once the actual expense line is best on or over the earned worth line, it indicates that expenses are much less than planned. - FALSE Spreadsheets room a usual tool for expense estimating, cost budgeting, and cost control. - TRUE MULTIPLE selection 1. ___ contains the processes forced to ensure that a task team completes a project within an authorized budget. Project cost management 2. I m sorry of the following involves occurring an approximation that the costs of resources necessary to finish a project? Estimating costs 3. __ entails allocating the in its entirety cost calculation to individual work-related items to establish a baseline for measuring performance. Identify the budget 4. ____________________________ one of the key outputs the the process is a cost baseline. Expense budgeting 5. The process of controlling costs generally involves: managing changes to the task budget. 6. Work performance information and cost forecasts are key outputs the the _____process. Cost control 7. Profits may be identified as: profits minus expenditures. 8. __ helps develop an accurate projection the a project’s jae won expenses and benefits. Life bike costing 9. Is a technique for identify the estimated annual costs and also benefits because that a project. Cash flow analysis 10. I m sorry of the complying with is true the tangible costs? They can be easily measured. 11. Space those costs that are difficult to measure in monetary terms. Intangible expenses 11. Newtech Inc. Hires man for the position of a software program programmer to occupational on their new project. Salary payment to john by Newtech Inc. Would certainly be an example of costs. Straight 12. Indirect costs are: not directly related to the assets or solutions of a project. 13. Soles is a footwear firm which has recently set up its save in Ambrosia. Come manufacture the products, Soles occurs a variety of different costs. I m sorry of the following would be an example of one indirect cost? electricity used to operation its factories 14. Great Earth, a agency manufacturing packaged food products, sets up its stores in Baltonia. However, a year later, the agency closes the store down because of high operation costs. In together a scenario, the money spent in paying because that the rental of the keep in Baltonia would certainly be an instance of costs. Sunk 15. Which of the adhering to is true of contingency reserves? They permit for future cases that deserve to be partially planned for. 16. I m sorry of the complying with reserves allows for future instances that room unpredictable? management reserves 17. The an initial step in project cost management is: to setup how prices will be regulated different types of resources. 18. Which of the complying with is true of a turbulent order of magnitude estimate? It offers an estimate of what a job will cost. 19. A turbulent order of magnitude estimate deserve to be described as a ballpark estimate. A price estimation device which is provided to allocate money into an organization’s budget is well-known as a estimate. Budgetary 20. 21. A calculation is offered for making plenty of purchasing decisions because that which accurate estimates are required and also for estimating final project costs. Definitive 22. I beg your pardon of the following varieties of estimate use the actual cost of a previous, comparable project together the basis because that estimating the price of the current project? Analogous estimates 23. Analogous estimates are additionally known as estimates. Top-down 24. Which of the adhering to is true the analogous estimates? lock are many reliable as soon as previous jobs are comparable in fact with current projects. 25. A cost estimation device which entails estimating individual job-related items or activities and summing castle to get a project full is well-known as a(n) estimate. Bottom-up 26. I beg your pardon of the complying with is true that bottom-up estimates? They are time-intensive and expensive come estimating.develop. 27. Uses project characteristics in a mathematical design to estimate task costs. Parametric estimating 28. I m sorry of the adhering to is most likely to be a factor for inaccuracies in information technology cost estimates? world lack estimating experience. 29. If the cost estimate for a task is a basis for contract awards and also performance reporting, it should be a(n) estimate and also as precise as possible. Critical 30. The main goal of the procedure is to create a cost baseline because that measuring project performance and project resources requirements. Cost planning 31. I beg your pardon of the adhering to is an output of the process of managing costs? expense forecasts i beg your pardon of the adhering to is an entry of the process of regulating costs? occupational performance data 32. The budget is one of the three values that earned value management and also is likewise known together . Planned worth 33. I beg your pardon of the following is true of earned value? that is an estimate of the value of the physical occupational actually completed. Variances are calculated by subtracting the actual cost from earned worth 34. Expense variance is: the earned worth minus the actual cost. Schedule variance is the earned worth minus the plan value. The price performance table of contents (CPI): have the right to be provided to calculation the projected expense 35. A. which of the complying with is true that the schedule performance index (SPI)? It have the right to be supplied to calculation the projected time to complete the project. thing 8 Project administration Quality TRUE/FALSE 1. The quality assurance process involves taking obligation for quality throughout the project’s life cycle. - TRUE 2. Validated changes and validated deliverables are the outputs the the quality assurance process. TRUE(?) 3. The design of experiments method cannot be applied to task management concerns such as cost and also schedule trade-offs. - FALSE Customer demands are an important aspect of the high quality planning process. - FALSE 4. Reliability is the capability of a product or business to do as meant under deviant conditions. - FALSE 5. Project managers are at some point responsible for quality monitoring on their projects. - TRUE 6. Just in-house auditors deserve to perform top quality audits. - FALSE 7. Assets that are accepted by project stakeholders are thought about to be validated deliverables. - TRUE 8. A operation chart is a bar graph the depicts data points and their order of occurrence. - FALSE 9. Using six Sigma principles is one organization-wide commitment and all employee must embrace its principles. - TRUE 10. The 6 Sigma method works ideal for a job where a quality problem is identified in between the current and also desired performance.- TRUE 11. The hatchet sigma meansmedian. - FALSE 12. Experimentation as a stage is vital only in ~ the finish of one information modern technology product development. FALSE 13. Integration testing requires testing of every individual ingredient to ensure the it is together defect-free together possible. - FALSE 14. In TQC, product quality is an ext important than production rates, and also workers are allowed to prevent production at any time a quality problem occurs. - TRUE 15. DeMarco and Lister’s study on organizations and productivity found straight correlations between productivity and also programming language, year of experience, and salary. - FALSE 16. Gantt charts cannot be offered to aid project high quality management. - FALSE MULTIPLE an option 1.means the project’s processes and products accomplish written specifications. Conformance to demands 2. Means that a product have the right to be supplied as it to be intended. Fitness for use 3. Procedure improvement plan, quality metrics, and also quality checklists space the outputs the the process of task quality management. To plan quality management 4. A ___ is a typical of measure in top quality management. Metric 5. The____process is often associated with the technical tools and also techniques of high quality management, such together Pareto charts, quality control charts, and statistical sampling. Quality manage 6. Performing quality assurance is a subprocess of the procedure of task quality management. executing 7. Validated changes and also validated deliverables room the outputs that the high quality management. Security and also subprocess of project regulating a technique that helps identify which variables have actually the most affect on the as whole outcome that a process. Design of experiments 9.____is the level to which a device performs its plan function. Functionality 10._____are the system’s special attributes that appeal come users. Features 11.____addresses how well a product or organization performs the customer’s plan use. Performance 12.______is the ability of a product or business to perform as expected under typical conditions. Integrity 13._____addresses the ease of performing maintenance on a product. Maintainability 14._____generates concepts for quality improvements by comparing certain project methods or product qualities to those of other projects or assets within or external the performing organization. Benchmarking 15.___refers to action taken to bring rejected items into compliance v product demands or specifications or various other stakeholder expectations. Rework 16.____correct(s) or prevent(s) more quality problems based on quality manage measurements. Procedure adjustments 17. A _____is a graphic display screen of data that illustrates the outcomes of a procedure over time. control chart 18.____help customers to determine the an essential few contributors that account for many quality problems in a system. Pareto charts 19. involves choosing component of a populace of attention for inspection. statistics sampling 20. Six Sigma’s target for perfection is the accomplishment of no more than mistake every million opportunities. defects, errors, or 3.4 21. Projects that use 6 Sigma principles for quality regulate normally monitor a five-phase improvement process called DMAIC 22. Important tools provided in the phase of the DMAIC process include a job charter, a summary of client requirements, procedure maps, and also Voice the the customer (VOC) data. Specify 23. An essential tool used in the diagram. Analysis step of the DMAIC procedure is the fishbone or Ishikawa 24. A is a bell-shaped curve that is symmetrical regarding the average value of the population (the data being analyzed). Normal distribution 25. A(n) is any kind of instance whereby the product or business fails to satisfy customer requirements. defect 26. The is a measure of quality regulate equal to 1 error in 1 million opportunities problems. six 9s that quality ascendancy 27. A(n) is done to test every individual component (often a program) to ensure that it is together defect-free together possible. Unit test 28. System. is an independent check performed by finish users prior to accepting the delivered User acceptance experimentation 29. i beg your pardon of the adhering to is one of Deming’s 14 Points for Management? eliminate the annual rating or merit system. 30. one of Juran’s ten steps to quality advancement states that: an organization should develop awareness that the need and also opportunity for development 31. Wrote high quality Is complimentary in 1979 and is best known for suggesting that organizations strive for zero defects. Crossby 32. , a quality system standard is a three-part, constant cycle that planning, controlling, and also documenting high quality in one organization. B. ISO 9000 33. Is the price of assessing processes and their outputs come ensure the a task is error-free or in ~ an agree error range. Appraisal expense 34. Is a price that relates to all errors no detected and also not corrected before delivery to the customer. External failure cost 35. Helps integrate traditionally separate organizational functions, set process improvement goals and also priorities, carry out guidance for top quality processes, and administer a point of recommendation for appraising present processes. CMMI chapter 9: project Human resource Management TRUE/FALSE Extrinsic motivation causes people to participate in an activity for their own enjoyment. FALSE 37. Maslow’s hierarchy of requirements states the people’s actions are guided or motivated by a succession of needs. TRUE 38. Maslow says that each level that the hierarchy of requirements is no necessarily a prerequisite because that the level above. - FALSE 39. According to Herzberg, hygiene components such as larger salaries, an ext supervision, or a an ext attractive work setting would motivate employees to do an ext if present. - FALSE 40. World who need institutional strength or society power want to organize others to more the objectives of the organization. TRUE 41. Supervisors who believe in theory Y assume that employees dislike and avoid work-related if possible, so managers must usage coercion, threats, and various manage schemes to obtain workers to make adequate efforts to meet objectives. - FALSE 42. Assignment, budget, promotion, money, and penalty affect bases room automatically obtainable to project managers as part of their position. - FALSE 43. Thamhain and Wilemon uncovered that when project managers used work challenge and field of expertise to influence people, projects were much more likely come succeed. TRUE 44. Legitimate power entails using an individual knowledge and expertise come get people to change their behavior. - FALSE 45. Follow to Covey, project managers must usage a win/lose method in making decisions. FALSE 46. A obligation assignment procession (RAM) is a matrix that maps the work-related of the project as defined in the OBS to the human being responsible for performing the work-related as explained in the WBS. FALSE 47. A ram is supplied only come assign detailed work activities. - FALSE 48. A staffing management setup describes when and also how people will be included to and also taken off the project team. TRUE 49. Resource leveling outcomes in fewer troubles for task personnel and accounting departments. TRUE 50. In the Tuckman model, storming occurs as soon as team members have different opinions for how the team have to operate. TRUE 36. The an initial dimension the psychological kind in the MBTI signifies whether human being draw their power from other world (extroverts) or from within themselves (introverts). TRUE 52. In the Social formats Profile team building activity, drivers are reactive and also people-oriented. -FALSE 53. The forcing setting is one in i beg your pardon the project manager deemphasizes or avoids areas of differences and emphasizes areas of agreement. - FALSE 54. Project managers must try to avoid dispute at all prices as all dispute within teams is bad. 20. Microsoft task 2010 does no lend chin to task human resource management. - FALSE 51. MULTIPLE choice 1. Involves assigning the required personnel to occupational on the project. C. Acquiring the job team 2. Crucial outputs of procedure are project staff assignments, source calendars, and project management arrangement updates. B. obtaining the job team 3. B. involves building individual and group skills to improve project performance. Arising the project team 4. The main outputs of the procedure are team power assessments and enterprise environmental factors updates. C. developing the task team 5. Stylish entails tracking team member performance, motivating team members, giving feedback, resolving issues and conflicts, and also coordinating alters to help enhance project performance. D. managing the project team 6. The gaining of the job team is a subprocess linked with the human process of task resource management. A.executing 7. A highly respected psychologist, garbage the dehumanizing negativism that psychology and proposed the power structure of needs theory. b. Abraham Maslow 8. At the bottom the Maslow’s structure are needs. C. Physiological 9. Is at the height of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. B. Self-actualization 10. The Recognizing one employee as the “Star Performer of the Month” would certainly be to solve the need the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. A. esteem 11. The bottom four needs in Maslow’s framework are referred to as b. deficiency 12. The highest possible level of needs in Maslow’s structure is referred to as a b. expansion needs. need. 13. Is best known for distinguishing in between motivational factors and hygiene components when considering an inspiration in occupational settings. A. Frederick Herzberg 14. according to Herzberg, i beg your pardon of the complying with is a motivational factor? a. recognition 15. civilization with a high need for seek to excel and also tend to protect against both low-risk and high-risk instances to improve their chances for achieving something worthwhile. Success 16. follow to McClelland’s acquired-needs theory, civilization with a high need for desire harmonious relationship with other people and also need to feel embraced by others. A. affiliation 17. follow to McClelland’s acquired-needs theory, human being who need personal desire to straight others and also can be viewed as bossy. C. power 18. The presents subjects with a series of ambiguous pictures and also asks them to construct a voluntary story for each picture, assuming castle will task their very own needs right into the story. C. TAT 19. D. is ideal known for occurring Theory X and Theory Y. Douglas McGregor 20. Managers who follow assume that the average worker desires to be directed and prefers to protect against responsibility. B. theory X 21. emphasizes things such as project rotation, expanding of skills, generalization versus specialization, and also the need for continuous training the workers. D. theory Z 22. According to Thamhain and also Wilemon, orders. A. government 23. follow to Thamhain and Wilemon, d. promo 24. Points they is the legitimate hierarchical right to issue is the capability to boost a worker’s position. involves using punishment, threats, or other an adverse approaches to get world to perform execute not desire to do. B. 25. C. Coercive power entails using incentives to induce civilization to perform things. Reward power is based on an individual’s an individual charisma. 26. D. Referent power 27. describes matching particular behaviors of the other person. d. Mirroring 28. The an initial step in the framework for defining and also assigning job-related is . c. finalizing the project demands 29. A(n) is a column chart that reflects the number of resources assigned to a job over time. b. Resource histogram 30. Refers to the amount of individual sources an currently schedule needs during specific time periods. A. 31. resource loading is a an approach for resolving resource conflicts through delaying tasks. b. resource leveling 32. Team In the Tuckman model, occurs together team members have different opinions as to how the must operate. D. storming 33. Than In the Tuckman model, occurs once the focus is on reaching the team goals, fairly functioning on team process. A. performing 34. In the MBTI, the d. Sensation/Intuition 35. Psychologist David Merril explains as reactive and also task-oriented. measurement relates come the way in which you conference information. c. “Analyticals” 36. according to Blake and Mouton, project managers who use the an approach use a give-and take-approach to addressing conflicts. D. weaken 37. Follow to Lencioni, i beg your pardon of the following characteristics is existing in establishments that succeed? d. cooperation chapter 10: PROJECT communications MANAGEMENT MULTIPLE selection 1. Entails determining the information and communications requirements of the stakeholders. Planning communications 2. The calculation of the process is a communications management plan. planning interactions 3. Managing communications is part of the management. procedure of the project communication executing 4. As a manager, you want to prayer a team member, Phil, because that doing a great job top top a certain project. However, you understand that Phil has tendency to it is in an introvert. I beg your pardon of the following interaction methods would certainly Phil be many comfortable with? call Phil in because that a private meeting to evaluate his work. 5. Research has indicated that in a face-to-face interaction, is through body language. percent of information 58 6. I beg your pardon of the complying with methods of interaction is most likely to be most effective for conveying sensitive or crucial information? short face-to-face meetings 7. as the variety of people affiliated in a job , the complexity of interactions . increases, rises 8. The formula to determine the variety of communication channels is is the variety of people involved. , where n n (n-1)/2 9. Utilizing the formula because that calculating the number of communication channels, exactly how many networks would two human being require? 1 10. Making use of the formula for calculating the number of communication channels, exactly how many channels would five world require? 10 11. A team has 10 communication channels in between its miscellaneous members. Making use of the formula number of communication channels = n (n-1)/2, wherein n is the variety of people in the team, the team has members. 5 12. i m sorry of the following is true of a project interactions plan? The communications plan should be part of the in its entirety project administration plan. 13. an instance of push communication is . voice mails 14. An example of pull interaction is . blogs 15. which of the adhering to is true of press communication? details is sent out to recipients without their request. 16. I m sorry of the following interaction methods would certainly be most ideal for assessing the meeting of job stakeholders? Meetings 17. According to the guidelines detailed by useful Communications, Inc., a(n) medium that is a is “excellent” for encouraging an innovative thinking. E-mail 18. According to the guidelines detailed by practical Communications, Inc., a(n) the most is ideal medium because that giving complicated instructions. Conference 19. According to the guidelines noted by useful Communications, Inc., a(n) the many is inappropriate tool for addressing an adverse behavior. Conference 20. Goals. attend to where the task stands in regards to meeting scope, time, and also cost status reports 21. explain where the project stands at a details point in time. status reports 22. explain what the job team has achieved during a certain period. progression reports 23. Trends. guess future job status and also progress based on past information and also forecast 24. i m sorry of the adhering to questions is typically addressed by a job forecast? exactly how much much more money will be required to complete the task 25. E-mail interaction is most suited for: connecting routine details 26. A(n) web page is a internet site that allows anyone who accesses that to contribute or modify content. Wiki 27. The the e-mail. heat for any kind of e-mail message you compose should clearly state the intention of subject 28. I m sorry of the complying with is a guideline that project managers should follow when interacting with their teams through e-mail? If the entire message deserve to fit in the topic line, placed it there. 29. The items discussed in a(n) incorporate reflections on even if it is project objectives were met, whether the job was successful or not, the reasons of variances top top the project, the thinking behind corrective plot chosen, the use of different project administration tools and techniques, and personal words of wisdom based on team members’ experiences. Lessons-learned report 30. Are a complete set of arranged project documents that provide an accurate background of the project. A. Project archives chapter 11: task RISK administration MULTIPLE an option 1. hazard utility rises in ~ a decreasing rate for a person. risk-averse 2. Those who room when an ext payoff is in ~ stake. Risk-seeking have actually a higher tolerance for risk, and their satisfaction increases 3. A person achieves a balance in between risk and payoff. Risk-neutral 4. Requires deciding exactly how to approach and plan the hazard management activities for the project. Plan risk management 5. Involves determining which risks are likely to impact a project and also documenting the attributes of each. Identifying dangers 6. involves prioritizing risks based on their probability and impact of occurrence. Performing qualitative risk analysis 7. requires numerically estimating the impacts of risks on job objectives. Performing quantitative risk evaluation 8. Involves taking measures to boost opportunities and reduce dangers to meeting project objectives. Planning threat responses 9. Involves monitoring identified and residual risks, identifying new risks, carrying out risk response plans, and evaluating the effectiveness of risk methods throughout the life of the project. Regulating risk 10. Identifying threats is a subprocess the the process of project risk management. planning 11. Performing qualitative and also quantitative hazard analyses are subprocesses that the process of project risk management. Planning 12. Room predefined actions the the task team will certainly take if an established risk event occurs. Contingency plans 13. Unenforceable problems or contract clauses and also adversarial relationships are risk conditions associated with the job management understanding area. Procurement 14. Is a fact-finding method that deserve to be provided for collecting info in faceto-face, phone, e-mail, or instant-messaging discussions. Interviewing 15. A(n) decisions, to represent decision difficulties by displaying essential elements, including uncertainties, causality, and objectives, and how they affect each other. Influence diagram 16. The lists the loved one probability of a hazard occurring and also the relative affect of the risk occurring. Probability/impact matrix 17. Are/is a qualitative risk evaluation tool that maintains one awareness of risks throughout the life that a task in addition to identify risks. Optimal Ten danger Item Tracking 18. A(n) activity in is a diagramming analysis an approach used to help select the best course the situations in which future outcomes room uncertain. Decision tree 19. Evaluation simulates a model’s outcome many times to carry out a statistical circulation of the calculated results. Monte Carlo 20. What is the an initial step in a Monte Carlo analysis? evaluate the variety for the variables gift considered. 21. A is a an approach used to present the effects of an altering one or much more variables on one outcome. Sensitivity analysis 22. requires eliminating a certain threat, normally by remove its causes. hazard avoidance 23. Requires shifting the an effect of a risk and also responsibility for its administration to a 3rd party. Threat transference 24. Requires reducing the influence of a risk event by reducing the probability the its occurrence. Threat mitigation 25. involves doing everything you can to make sure the confident risk happens. hazard exploitation 26. requires allocating ownership of the risk to an additional party. risk sharing 27. Involves transforming the dimension of the possibility by identifying and maximizing key drivers of the optimistic risk. Risk improvement 28. Uses to positive risks when the task team cannot or chooses no to take any type of actions toward a risk. Hazard acceptance 29. dangers refer come those that are direct results the implementing risk responses. secondary 30. Room unplanned responses come risk events used once project teams carry out not have contingency plans in place. Workarounds thing 12: project Procurement management MULTIPLE choice 1. “A shortage of qualified personnel is among the key reason that carriers outsource. A project may require specialists in a specific field for number of months and planning because that this procurement ensures the the necessary services will certainly be accessible for the project.” which of the adhering to benefits go this characteristics of outsourcing carry out an organization? Provides access to specific an abilities 2. Outsourcing suppliers can often administer economies the scale, specifically for hardware and also software, that might not be accessible to the customer alone. Which of the following benefits go this offer an organization? palliation in fixed and also recurrent costs 3. “Most establishments are not in company to carry out information an innovation services, yet countless have spent valuable time and also resources top top information modern technology functions when they should have actually instead operated on important competencies such as marketing, customer service, and new product design. Outsourcing help tackle this problem.” i beg your pardon of the following benefits go outsourcing primarily provide in together a scenario? Helps focus on an organization core business 4. “Outsourcing to carry out extra workers during periods of height workloads can be much an ext economical 보다 trying to fill whole projects with internal resources.” i m sorry of the following benefits does this characteristic of outsourcing provide organizations? provides a company flexibility in staffing 5. A border of outsourcing is that: it deserve to make an organization come to be overly dependent on specific suppliers. 6. The an initial step in task procurement management is: planning procurement management. 7. In task procurement management, the procedure of involves determining what to procure, when, and also how. Planning procurement management 8. In project procurement management, the process of involves obtaining seller responses, picking sellers, and awarding contracts. A. Conducting procurements 9. Outputs that the process consist the selected sellers and source calendars. conducting procurements 10. I m sorry of the adhering to processes of project procurement management involves regulating relationships through sellers, monitoring contract performance, and making alters as needed? managing procurements 11. In task procurement management, i beg your pardon of the adhering to processes indicate completion and also settlement of every contract, consisting of resolution of any kind of open items? closeup of the door procurements 12. The procurement explanation of work are an calculation of the procedure of job procurement management. Plan 13. The In project procurement management, the procedure of conducting procurements is part of process. Executing 14. In job procurement management, which of the following is an calculation of the executing process? resource calendars 15. In project procurement management, an calculation of the monitoring and controlling process. Change requests 16. i m sorry of the following is true that lump-sum contracts? b. They involve a fixed total price for a well-defined product or service. contracts. 17. Contracts involve payment come the supplier for direct and also indirect actual costs and often incorporate fees. C. Cost-reimbursable contract 18. In a(n) contract, the the person who lives pays the supplier for allowable performance costs together with a predetermined fee and also an inspiration bonus. CPIF 19. V a(n) contract, the buyer pays the supplier because that allowable performance prices plus a solved fee payment usually based on a percentage of estimated costs. CPFF 20. In i m sorry of the following contracts does the buyer pay the supplier for allowable power costs in addition to a predetermined percentage based on total costs? CPPC 21. Native the buyer’s perspective, the supplier is the the very least desirable amongst all contracts because the has actually no inspiration to decrease costs. CPPC 22. A(n) contract tote the least risk because that suppliers. The is a summary of the work forced for a procurement. A(n) is a record used to solicit proposals from prospective suppliers. CPPC 23. SOW 24. RFP 25. A file used to solicit estimates or bids from prospective carriers is well-known as a(n) . RFQ 26. ~ planning for procurement management, which of the complying with does the next procedure involve? d. Sending appropriate documentation to work-related potential sellers 27. In task procurement management, i beg your pardon of the following is among the key outputs that the conducting procurement process? A selected seller 28. The process of picking suppliers or sellers is recognized as . source an option 29. i m sorry of the following is an output of the contract closure process? Updates come organizational process assets