The mean is characterized as the A. Mean of a data set. B. Selection of the data set. C. Number that shows up most frequently in a data set. D. Middle of the data set.
The chemical combination of the atom of 2 or an ext elements is recognized as a/an A. Compound. B. Base. C. Elixir. D. Acid.
A _______ satellite documents reflected wavelength from Earth"s surface. A. Landsat B. GIS C. General practitioners D. SeaBeam
i beg your pardon of the adhering to soil types is richest in necessary material? A. Gray or bluish soil B. Red floor C. Yellow floor D. Dark-colored floor Dark-colored floor is richest in necessary material. User: The slow, secure downhill flow of loose, weathered planet materials is called A. Flow. B. Creep. C. Slide. D. Slump The slow, secure downhill flow of loose, weathered planet materials is called Creep. User: i m sorry of the complying with climates is many suited because that physical weathering? A. Cool B. Heat C. Hot D. Dry (More)


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See more: How Many Grams Are In A Gallon S Of Water To Grams Of Water, Convert Grams To Gallon The halocline describes the region below the combined layer where salinity changes as you move deeper underwater. ...