$egingroup$ No offence intended, yet is momentum no simply just a meaning rather 보다 a derivation, it appears so intuitive come me, maybe since I am supplied to it. K.E., ns guess to be experimentally found, no so sure around that derivation, did friend look through history of math/ptcouncil.net? $endgroup$
You"ve acquired it a small backwards - physicists very first defined the quantity $m cdot v$ since it quantified the quantity of "motion" an object possessed. They called it "momentum".

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Modern ptcouncil.net is primarily involved with the amount $m cdot v$ (and the update versions of that quantity in much more recent frameworks that ptcouncil.net) because the is conserved. This makes it interesting and also useful.

So, in short, there is no source of $p = m v$, because it"s a definition. The quantity $m cdot v$ was given a distinct name that its own since it is conserved, and also therefore important.

There"s an exciting roundup around the background of the ide of inert on wikipedia.

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Jean Bouridan, rector of the college of Paris approximately 1350, was the very first philosopher, to my knowledge, who specifically declared the current ide of momentum. He said that motivation was proportional come the product of weight and speed.

Momentum is considered to be the product the mass and velocity (velocity has actually direction and magnitude). Momentum is the tendency of a moving object come keep relocating in the direction that its movement. It"s a conserved quantity, which method it can be moved from one thing to another, and also it constantly needs to be accounted for, as it have the right to be neither produced nor ruined within a system. For this reason, momentum is a an extremely useful concept in the analysis of motion and collisions.

An thing of great mass moving at an excellent velocity is significantly more complicated to direction or protect against than things of little mass relocating at short velocity. Momentum is directly proportional to mass and velocity. That"s the intuitive expertise of momentum.

Kinetic power is the movement of an object. It"s measure in joules, one unit of which is the work done by one newton of pressure to move things one meter in the direction of its motion. A joule is also called a newton-meter once it is offered to define motion.

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The equation for kinetic energy is derived from the job-related done through a force, i beg your pardon is derived from Newton"s 2nd law that motion, F = m * a, where F is force, m is mass, and also a is acceleration.

If occupational is excellent by a continuous force to move an object the street s, Work = Fs = (ma)s. The distance s = average velocity * time. The acceleration a = (final velocity - early stage velocity) / time. If you instead of these into the equation for work, friend get:

W = m * <(final velocity - initial velocity) / time)> * <1/2 (initial velocity + final velocity) * time>

W = 1/2 * m * (final velocity)^2 - 1/2 * m * (initial velocity)^2

Kinetic power is characterized as 1/2 * m * velocity^2. (The source is indigenous Serway, ptcouncil.net, 1992)