Pfizer’s announcement that its vaccine is safe in low doses for children ages 5 come 11 could be a game changer for numerous American families.But vaccinations amongst older youngsters have lagged, and polling suggests reservations amongst a far-reaching chunk of parents. Record up ~ above Covid news.

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Damarcus Crimes, 13, receiving a sheep of the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine when his mother, Christina, and also brother, Deshaun, 13, look at on in mountain Antonio, Texas, in May. Tamir Kalifa because that The brand-new York Times

The U.S. Will lift travel limitations for foreigners that are fully vaccinated, easing a source of anxiety with Europe.

Mayor invoice de Blasio announced weekly trial and error of students and also relaxed quarantine rule for brand-new York schools.

United States ›United StatesAvg. On Sept. 2014-day change
New cases137,295+4%
New deaths2,087+51%
World ›WorldAvg. Top top Sept. 2014-day change
New cases517,210–11%
New deaths8,533–9%

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Haitians who lived abroad for years have been went back to a nation in dilemm that they barely identify — often, lock say, without a hearing.

Nicodeme Vyles left his life in Panama in really hopes of reuniting with his family members in the joined States. Instead, the is earlier in Haiti. Federico Rios because that The brand-new York Times

After a top Senate official rejected an earlier proposal, democracy vowed to press ahead top top an immigration overhaul.

Canadian voter denied Justin Trudeau the expanded bloc of strength he had actually been search in Parliament, unofficial results showed.

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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau watching election outcomes with his wife and also children at his party headquarters in Montreal ~ above Monday. Pool picture by Sean Kilpatrick
The suits, carried by males in Arkansas and Illinois, appear to it is in the an initial under a state law that bans many abortions after the six-week mark.