The former drug trafficker left behind his wife Ronda and only child Kristina Sunshine, who he had with ex-wife Mirtha.

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Kristina to be born on respectable 1, 1978, and is the daughter that the late drug trafficker George Jung.

The 42-year-old had actually an rough childhood due to the drug-related background of both of she parents and also was raised mainly by she grandparents and also aunt.

Her mom Mirtha to be a medicine addict and continued to be one until Kristina was approximately three year old.

Her grandparents Frederick and also Ermine Jung added some security to her stormy childhood, but after she grandfather died she continued to be with her aunt until the age of 18.


Mirtha and George Jung had actually a rocky relationship yet they reconciled when he to be released native prison

Did she attribute in the movie Blow?

Kristina come under the spotlight after ~ the relax of 2001 movie Blow, i beg your pardon was based on her father’s life.

The film showcased the blatant relationship in between Kristina, who was played by Emma Roberts, and also George and even verified their relationship finish on a sour note.

Despite the rocky relationship, the pair go reconnect as soon as George was released from prison in 2014.

In 2016, George post a snapshot with Kristina top top Twitter and wrote: "Cant live there is no my #heart."


Kristina came under the spotlight after the relax of 2001 movie Blow,'which was based upon her father’s lifeCredit: Getty photos - Getty



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What does she execute now?

Kristina is one entrepreneur and a lesser-known actor.

She operation a clothing business called BG Apparel and Merchandise, which she supplied to run with her late father.

Kristina is supposedly working on a book around her mother, which is expected to be released soon.

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In January 2021, Kristina suffered an ext heartache after her 19-year-old daughter Athena passed away in a auto accident.

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