When Secret Life the the American Teenager premiered in July 2008, that was instantly considered a groundbreaking series.

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Starring Shailene Woodley, Ken Baumann, Megan Park, Greg Finley, Francia Raisa, Daren Kagasoff, among others, the present followed the story the a teens named Amy Juergens, who found out she was pregnant after a fling at band camp and also the occasions that followed. After five seasons, the show concerned an end in June 2013.

“Throughout the past four seasons she’s come right into her own,” Shailene said The Hollywood Reporter of her character in in march 2012, ahead of the final season. “I think there’s constantly that one point in one adolescent’s life whereby there’s a catalyst that sort of springs castle into coming to be their own, and also I think this season Amy’s becoming her own.”

In the end, her character, Amy, and also Daren’s character, Ricky, moved to brand-new York. “You deserve to be supervisor in love through someone, however there’s always bumps and there’s always obstacles in the road,” Shailene said THR at the time. “Right now, she’s forced to experiment v those obstacles and handle lock in a tires way.”

Following the show’s series finale, the Secret Life creator, Brenda Hampton, gave fans some answers adhering to the finish of the series.

“Amy did not come earlier from brand-new York,” she called MTV News in October 2015. “The cross-country take trip while acquisition on university was simply too stressful for Amy, but no one want to see her give up her dreams so everyone concerned her.”

While the actors continued their particular careers, they did reunite in October 2020, seven years ~ the show concerned an end. In ~ the time, the stars took to their respective Instagram accounts revealed the they had teamed up v HeadCount to get fans ready to “hit the polls” and vote on choice day that very same year. When they to be able to obtain 300 civilization registered, a virtual meetup in between the stars happened!

What did fans find out from the long-awaited reunion? Well, the cast has definitely grown up a lot due to the fact that 2013. Several of them go on to star in a bunch the TV shows and also movies, while rather stepped out of the spotlight to start families of your own! however either way, they’ve all absolutely come a long way. Scroll with our collection to see what the mystery Life the the American Teenager actors is approximately now.

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