Chapter 26Sponges and Cnidarians


Section 26-1: advent to theAnimal KingdomAn pet is a multicellular,eukaryoticheterotroph whose cells absence cell walls.Animals are committed to carry out the following essential functions: feeding, respiration, circulation, excretion, response, movement, and reproduction.In general, facility animals tend to have actually high levels of cabinet specialization and also internal organization,bilateral human body symmetry,cephalization, and a body.

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invertebrate, vertebrate,feedback inhibition, blastula, protostome,deuterostome, anus, endoderm, mesoderm, ectoderm,radial symmetry

Spineless Video, part 1 Spineless Video, component 2

Animal CladogramEarly development of an animal EmbryoRadial and Bilateral Symmetry

Section 26-2:SpongesSpongesare share as pets because they are multicellular, heterotrophic, have no cell walls, and contain a few committed cells.The activity of water with a sponge offers a basic mechanism because that feeding, respiration, circulation, and also excretion.

osculum,spicule,choanocyte,archaeocyte, internal fertilization, larva,gemmule

The body of a SpongeSexual Reproduction in a Sponge

Structure of a SpongeActivity

Section 26-3:CnidariansCnidariansare soft-bodied, carnivorous pets that have actually stinging tentacles arranged in circles about their mouth. They space the simplest pets to have actually body the contrary and dedicated tissues.Cnidarians generally have a life bike that has two different-looking stages, apolypand amedusa.Cnidarians includejellyfishes,hydrasand your relatives,sea anemones, andcorals.

cnidocyte,nematocyst,gastrovascular cavity,nerve net,hydrostatic skeleton, outside fertilization

Life bicycle of a Cnidarian

The Polyp and also Medusa step of a CnidarianLife bicycle of the JellyfishAurelia

Bioluminescent Jellyfish

Examining the Responses the Hydras

26-3 rap Data Table record Sharing

Symmetry: principle Map

•oData Sharing: analyzing the Responses of Hydras

•oMiller & Levine: Sunscreen native the Sea

•oSciLinks: Classifying Animals



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