2a) A in-depth coding scheme recognized by system software for representing organizational data is dubbed a(n):A) DBMS code.B) data type.C) SQL.D) DB layout.

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2b) every one of the adhering to are missions when selecting a data form EXCEPT:A) stand for all possible values.B) improve data integrity.C) assistance all data manipulations.D) usage a many storage space.

2c) all of the following are precious datatypes in Oracle 12c EXCEPT:A) VARCHAR2.B) BOOLEAN.C) BLOB.D) NUMBER.

2d) The the smallest unit of application data known by device software is a:A) field.B) row.C) data type.D) column.

2e) An ideal datatype because that one wanting a fixed-length kind for last name would certainly include:A) VARCHAR.B) CHAR.C) BLOB.D) DATE.


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