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Atoms space the smallest pieces of issue that retain their chemical identity. Atoms contain a variety of particles, consisting of protons, neutrons and electrons. Among these, protons room positively charged, while electrons space negatively charged and neutrons space neutrally charged. The protons and also neutrons exist within the nucleus, while electrons are...

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Atoms room the smallest fragments of matter that retain your chemical identity. Atom contain a number of particles, including protons, neutrons and also electrons. Amongst these, protons space positively charged, if electrons space negatively charged and neutrons room neutrally charged. The protons and neutrons exist in ~ the nucleus, while electrons room located exterior it. 

Each element is defined by two terms: atomic number and mass number. The atom number is the same as the variety of protons in the nucleus. Mass number, top top the various other hand, is the sum complete of protons and also neutrons of one atom.

To determine the number of protons and neutrons in the atoms of a offered element, we require to recognize the atomic number and also mass variety of the element. Utilizing that information, us can uncover the variety of protons and neutrons as:

number of proton = atom number

number of neutron = massive number - variety of protons

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