The placement of paragraph text loved one to the left and also right margins.

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Alignment guideGreen upright or horizontal lines that screen when friend are moving or sizing an object to assist you v object placement.
Artistic EffectsFormats used to images that make images resemble sketches or paintings.
Bulleted ListA list of items with each item introduced by a price such together a little circle or examine mark, and also which is valuable when the items in teh list have the right to be diplayed in any order.
BulletsText signs such as tiny circles or examine marks that precede every item in a bulleted list.
Center AlignmentThe alignment of text or objects the is focused horizontally between the left and right margin.
CollaborationThe activity of working along with others together a team in an intellectual undertaking to finish a shared task or accomplish a common goal.
Decrease IndentA command that moves your i closer come the margin.
Dot LeaderA series of dots coming before a tab that guides the eye across the line.
Drawing ObjectsGraphic objects, such as shapes, diagrams, currently or circles.
Embed codeA password that create a link to a video, picture, or other type of rich media content.
Floating ObjectA graphic that can be moved separately of the neighboring text characters.
Formatting MarksCharacters that display on the screen, but do no print, indicating where the get in key, the Spacebar, and also the Tab vital were pressed; also called nonprinting characters.
GraphicsPictures, chip arts images, charts, or drawing objects.
Inline ObjectAn object or graphic placed in a paper that acts prefer a character in a sentence.
Justified AlignmentAn arrangement of text in i m sorry the text aligns evenly on both the left and also right margins.
Leader CharacterCharacters that kind a solid, dotted, or dashed line that fills the room preceding a tab stop.
Left AlignmentAn arrangement of message in which the text aligns at the left margin, leaving the ideal margin uneven.
Live LayoutA feature that reflows message as you relocate or size an object so that you can view the location of neighboring text.
Line SpacingThe distance in between lines of message in a paragraph.
MarginsThe room between the text and also the top, bottom, left, and right edges of the paper.
Nonprinting CharactersCharacters the diplay top top the screen, however do no print, indicating where the get in key, the Spacebar, and the Tab crucial were pressed; likewise called formatting marks.
Object anchorThe price that suggests to i beg your pardon paragraph an item is attached.
Numbered ListA perform of items in which each item is introduced by a continually number to show definite steps, a sequence of actions, or chronological order.
Picture StylesFrames, shapes, shadow, borders, and other special impacts that deserve to be added to an image to create an as whole visual format for the image.
Right AlignmentAn plan of message in which the text aligns at the ideal margin, leaving the left margin uneven.
Rich mediaComputer communication that responds to her actions; for example by presenting text, graphics, animation, video, audio, or games. Additionally referred to as interactive media.
ShapesLines, arrows, stars, banners, ovals, rectangles, and other straightforward shapes through which you deserve to illustrate an idea, a process, or a workflow.
Spin BoxA tiny box with an upward- and downward- pointing arrow that allows you relocate rapidly through a collection of values by clicking.
SmartArtA designer-quality visual depiction of your info that you can create by selecting from amongst many different layouts come effectively communicate your blog post or ideas.
Tab StopSpecific places on a heat of text, marked on a indigenous ruler, come which you have the right to move the insertion suggest by pressing the Tab key, and which is used to align and also indent text.
Text BoxA movable resizable container for text or grahics.
Text EffectsDecorative formats, such as shadowed or mirrored text, message glow, 3-D effects and colors the make message stand out.
Text WrappingThe path in which text displays roughly an object.
Toggle ButtonA button that have the right to be rotate on by click it once, and also then turned off by clicking it again.
WordwrapThe attribute that moves text from the appropriate edge of a i to the beginning of the next line as vital to fit in ~ the margins.
Interactive mediaComputer interaction that responds to her actions; for example by presenting text, graphics, animation, video, audio, or games. Additionally referred come as affluent media.
Layout OptionsPicture formatting options that regulate the manner in which text wraps approximately a picture or other object.
Microsoft Office 365A set of secure online services that enable people in an organization to communicate and collaborate through using any type of Internet-connected device—a computer, a tablet, or a mobile phone.
Picture EffectsFormatting that improves a picture with results such as shadow, glow, reflection, or 3-D rotation.
Placeholder textNon-printing message that holds a location in a record where you deserve to type.
Rotation handleA symbol v which you deserve to rotate a graphics to any type of angle; displays above the top center sizing handle.
TeamA group of employees tasked with working with each other to resolve a problem, make a decision, or create a work product.
TemplateA preformatted document that you can use together a beginning point and then readjust to suit your needs.

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Increase IndentA command moves your i farther far from the margin.