A phenol has an -OH group bonded come anA. Disubstituted B. Tetrasubstituted C. Singly substituted or unsubstituted carbon D. Aromatic CarbonE. Trisubstituted carbon

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Thiols have structures similar to alcohols except that lock contain A.Three alcohol groups B. Nitrogen in ar of oxygen in the functional group C. Lithium in ar of oxygen in the functional team D. Sulfur in place of oxygen in the functional team E. More than one carbon
In a tertiary alcohol, how many alkyl groups are attached come the carbon atom bonded to the -OH A. NoneB. 1C. 2D. 3E. 4
When 2-methyl-2butanol undergoes dehydration in acid, one product is A. 2-methylbutanoneB. 2- Mehyl - 2- butene C. 2-Pentanone D. 2-methylbutanal E. Hexene
WHat form of alcohol is resistant to oxidationA. Second B. QuaternaryC. Primary D. Tertiary E. None
When a major alcohol is totally oxidized the product is A. Carboxylic acid B. An AldehydeC. One Alkane D. Another alch E. A ketone
How numerous carbonyl containing isomers walk the formula C3H6O have? A. 5 B. ThreeC. SevenD. TwoE. Eight
Acetone can be created by the body as soon as a human being isA. Recovering from surgery B. SleepingC. Dieting v high protein diets D. Exercising E. Ill v a flu
The carbonyl group consists of A. A carbon-oxygen triple bondB. A carbon-oxygen solitary bondC. A carbon-oxygen twin bond D. A carbon-oxygen-carbon structure E. A carbon-oxygen-hydrogen structure
The oxygen atom in a carbonyl team is ________ the carbon atom A. Much more electropostive than B. Similar in electronegativity come C. More soluble than D. An ext electronegative than E. Much less electronegative than
The enhanced boiling suggest of ketones compared to alkanes and ethers of comparable mass is early toA. Dipole-Dipole interationsB. Ionic interationsC. Resonance D. Hydrogen bonding E. A bending chain structure
A flavoring agent found in vanilla is A. One aldehyde B. A thiol C. A ketoneD. An ester E. A hydrocarbon
Which of the complying with would not be dissolve in water A. Formaldehyde B. 2-ButanoneC. AcetoneD. 3-heptanoneE. Propanal
The hydrogenation of 2-methylpropanal gives the product A. 2-methyl-3-propanol B. 1- Butanol C. 2-methyl-2propanol D. 2- Methylpropanoic acidE. 2-methyl - 1- propanol
The tollens test may be offered to differentiate A. Ketones from alcohols B. Mountain from aminesC. Aldehydes native ketonesD. Alcohols indigenous alkenesE. Esters from acids
Benedicts test calls for an aldehyde and also an surrounding A. KetoneB. AcidC. Saturation carbonD. Phenyl ringE. Alcohol
How numerous different substituents are required on a carbon atom because that it to be a chiral A. 1B. 2C. 3D. 4E. Any kind of number from 1-4; chiralty walk not rely on substitution
An enantiomer is A. A stereoisomer that is a mirror picture of one more molecule B. A stereoisomer that is no a image of one more molecule C. A structure isomerD. A cis-trans isomerE. A diastereoisomer
Chirality occurs when stereoisomers have mirror photos that are A. The same B. Superimposable C. No visible to one anotherD. No superimposable E. The same


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