If you"re analysis this, you"re probably guilty of galavanting the halls back in your middle school days in your limited Too capris to sing a glorious tune titled "Get Low" native none other than the illustrious Lil Jon & The east Side Boyz. 

Well resolve yourself down now and think, "what was i singing? is this period appropriate?" No, no it"s not. But did/do us care? No. Why? due to the fact that no one knows WTF we"re even singing.

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Just come refresh your memory, here"s the video. Currently let"s watch and also read, kids.

Til the sweat drop down my balls.

Til every these bitches crawl. 

Til all skeet skeet motherf*ckas, til every skeet skeet goddamn." 

What is "skeet?" and also what walk it median to "skeet skeet?" 

photo courtesy that Urban dictionary

Lucky for you, I"m shielding you from the embarrassment that googling stated word/phrase combination, by dropping some knowledge on ya. 

Upon looking increase the beginning of words "skeet" or "skeet skeet," Dictionary.com is the just site various other than metropolitan Dictionary, that provides sound meanings dating earlier to the late 1800"s and also early 1900"s.

According come the site, two definitions of "skeet," when used as a verb, deserve to be connected to the advance of our modern day interpretation. One deserve to be characterized as "to spit, come splash, or to spray," while the other an interpretation is used in conjunction with "to shoot" (think skeet shooting).

Now, ns don"t think songs room referring to skeet shooting (unless they"re country, yet f*ck that). According to city Dictionary, "to skeet" or come "skeet skeet" method to jizz, ejaculate, or cum. 

So basically what this method is that ever due to the fact that you to be a youngin" you"ve been unknowingly preaching around ejaculations and also there"s nothing wrong with that. 

Get low with your negative self. 

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