At BJS we are provided to hearing alarmist claims about the danger of body piercings and also today is no different – a research from the university at Buffalo cases that tongue bars damages teeth. They have released a report based upon a solitary patient, resulting in plenty of high file news website plastering their front pages v unsubstantiated cases that tongue piercings cause tooth damage, mind abscesses and expensive dental work.

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Unfortunately for claimed news web page the college at Buffalo study is not representative that the majority experience (hands increase everyone with tongue piercings and healthy teeth!), responsible piercing aftercare or contemporary tongue studs. Usually the report involves a 26 year old woman who has occurred a void in her teeth as result of playing v her metal barbell for 7 years.

University at Buffalo claims Tongue Bars damages Your Teeth

My key objection to this story is that it is the experience of one person and also that some straightforward piercing advice can have prevented her difficulties – if she did not have accessibility to such advice or a good piercer, then the is one more issue. The story provides no statistics on the an alleged link in between tongue piercing and tooth damage, so all we have is one separation, personal, instance who had a negative experience.

BioFlex Tongue Bars

Here at body Jewellery Shop we understand that the most necessary factor in getting a piercing is knowledge – i would have actually advised this patience to stay a BioFlex tongue bar, prevent playing through it and seek dental fist at the very first sign of tooth damage. Attract a BioFlex tongue bar can get rid of the issues mentioned in the university at Buffalo tongue bar report. BioFlex is a great new material that is flexible and highly biocompatible. I will define its countless benefits in a minute however suffice it to say, this patient could have avoided she dental worries by put on one.

The main issue here is the the patient and also possibly the dentists affiliated in the report absence knowledge around the latest technologies in tongue piercing jewellery. BioFlex tongue bars were not widely obtainable when the patient had actually her tongue pierced 7 years ago but since then they have come to be widely accessible and an extremely popular. If she had actually asked a good piercer because that advice they might have told she to switch to a softer BioFlex tongue bar and stop the damage right there. That course us don’t recognize if the patient sought advice and also if she did, what that advice was. Every I understand is that any great body piercer have to be up to day on the latest types of jewellery and also that friend should constantly seek assist at the first sign that a problem, rather than letting it development this far.

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How BioFlex Tongue Bars alleviate Risks

BioFlex is a clinical plastic that is supplied to create body jewellery, medical devices, implants and many other products. It is just one of the ideal materials for safe body jewellery with both European Standards and also FDA approval:

BioFlex complies to regulations on medical Use: the council of Europe, europe Pharmacopeia, 3rd Edition (1997) and Supplement 2001 Monograph 3.2.2 USA. The product has passed the class IV exam (for Bio-compatibility) of the United states Pharmacopeia XXIV and has been authorized by the U.S. Commonwealth Drug management for implantation and also medical use.

The main advantage of BioFlex tongue bars is that they space soft and flexible. This means that they execute not push against your teeth like a metal bar and you cannot chip your teeth on them. This would have actually prevented the difficulties experienced through the university at Buffalo patient or at the very least stopped them proceeding so far. The other benefits of BioFlex tongue bars are:

High biocompatibility reduces chance of infectionReduces healing times when compared to steel jewelleryBends with the bodyToo soft come chip tooth enamelHigh versatility reduces push on teethNon-stick properties protect against plaque build-upCan it is in trimmed with scissors come ensure perfect fitMetal-freeSafe for X-raySafe because that MRI scansSafe for many medical/dental proceduresReduces affect damage in instance of accidentsEasy to customise, fit and insertSafe because that initial piercing jewellery

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