Calling every Instagrammers! Scroll listed below for all 10 locations and start snapping that camera. Most locations are fully up come your an innovative expression, but a couple of do have some unique requirements. Happy sightseeing!1. Authorize Hill—South mountain Francisco

Welcome to the Bay! That’s the kind of greeting you’ll gain at Sign Hill—which reads, “South mountain Francisco, the industrial City,” to be exact. Make sure to also wander roughly the trails together well; there room five and all market picture-perfect see of the city below.

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2. Japanese Tea Garden—San Mateo

Considered one of the ideal gardens in California, the Japanese Tea Garden was draft by famous landscape architect Nagao Sakurai that the royal Palace of Tokyo. Located in San Mateo, the garden features a granite pagoda, a charming tea house, a bamboo grove, and also the koi pond. Speak of which, make certain to get a snap the a koi fish in the background.

3. “Top that the World” Views—Hillsborough, Pacifica, mountain Carlos, san Mateo

The Peninsula is not only home to technology giants, but also amazing views and also nature. There are numerous “Top the the World” locations and also vista clues scattered about the area v can’t-miss views. Examine out some of these in Hillsborough, San Carlos, Pacifica, and San Mateo!

San Carlos views - photograph by STerri T. Creswell

4. Pulgas Water Temple—Redwood City

Built in 1938, the Pulgas Water Temple commemorates the perfect of the Hetch Hetchy Aqueduct which brings water to crystal Springs Reservoir indigenous the Sierras 150 miles away. This is one of only 3 such temples in the U.S., modeled after those set up near canals and also waterways through the old Greeks. The perfect place to get that perfect selfie! 


5. Seal allude Park—San Mateo

Seal allude Park in san Mateo runs along the edge of the mountain Francisco Bay through stunning views throughout the water, pathways because that walking and cycling, and a dog park. Visit the park top top a clean fogless day and also snap a picture with the san Francisco skyline and bay water in the background because that an iconic only Area shot! 

6. HP Garage—Palo Alto

Speaking of innovative companies, Hewlett-Packard was one of the first to make it big. The HP Garage in Palo Alto is no so much a garage as a private museum. Located at 367 Addison Ave., this is the exact spot whereby the firm got that start. In fact, it’s taken into consideration the “Birthplace of Silicon Valley.” It might not look like lot from the outside, yet so much creativity happened behind this doors.

HP Garage - photo by mountain Mateo County/Silicon valley CVB

7. Devil’s Slide—Between Pacifica and Montara

Don’t be fooled by this ominous name. Devil’s Slide is among the most gorgeous lookout point out in the area, located between Pacifica and Montara on the san Mateo ar coast, and you’ll have unrestricted see of the water below. Granted, the cliffs are jagged and the slopes steep, however the paved path should aid you save your footing while taking a selfie. Devil’s on slide is simply south that Pacifica and also north of fifty percent Moon Bay, i beg your pardon leads right into our next selfie avoiding point.


8. Cameron’s Pub & Restaurant—Half Moon Bay

You don’t need to cross the pond to suffer a taste of Britain. Try Half Moon Bay hangout Cameron’s Pub & Restaurant, which offer pub grub, beer, and also several fresh seafood dishes, among other offerings. Finest of all is the decor. The walls space lined through eclectic memorabilia, and also outside space two double-decker buses right from London. If here, snap a picture in the call booth.

9. Pillar suggest Harbor—Half Moon Bay

Also in half Moon bay is Pillar allude Harbor, a boat harbor developed by a riprap jetty. If you didn’t stimulate seafood in ~ Cameron’s Pub, definitely stop at one of the area’s numerous restaurants for part fresh fare. Bonus entrance if you get some of the seafood on among the many watercrafts in the photo. There are several hotels as well, in case you decide to spend the night…or a few. Lot of of water sporting activities rentals as well, so setup a couple of hours for this jaunt.

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Pillar allude Harbor - photograph by Bradley Wittke

10. Pigeon point Lighthouse—Pescadero

This lighthouse isn’t simply a lighthouse—it’s a hostel, too! situated 50 miles south of san Francisco, the hostel is anything however humble; you’ll discover a hot bath tub and unrestricted see of the Pacific Ocean. The lighthouse itself has been here due to the fact that 1872 and has guided the sails of plenty of ships. Even if you’re not continuing to be as a guest, Pigeon point Lighthouse is well worth the stop, if just for the view.

Pigeon suggest Lighthouse - picture by Charly Ramos (Food & take trip MX) 

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