When Travis Tritt performed the well-known nation song “Long Haired nation Boy,” that seemed an extremely fitting seeing as it perfectly explained his look. He is just one of the couple of singers who deserve to perfectly put a rock n’ roll spin top top a true nation song, and he did that again because that this 2004 performance.

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Singing “Long Haired country Boy” for a packed home accompanied simply by his guitar, Tritt cure his audience come a bad ass performance.

“Long Haired nation Boy” was originally written and released by the Charlie Daniels Band for their 1974 album Fire top top the Mountain. It got to the top 30 top top the Billboard country charts as soon as they re-released it in 1980.

Tritt kicked off the performance v a face-melting guitar solo, earning the cheers and applause native the impression audience.

Watch Tritt do “Long Haired nation Boy” below.

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