There’s one undeniable connection in between the human being of amour (love) and the French language.

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I mean, there’s a reason why it’s poetically well-known as la langue d’amour(the language of love)!

It’s not hard to loss in love with the French language, and also it’s even easier to loss for a French-speaking country.

Maybe you spent some time abroad and made life-long girlfriend you’ll love forever.

Or, probably you checked out a French-speaking country and found the love of her life before returning home!

Whatever the instance is, you’ve discovered yourself swept up by enthusiasm for someone or other that’s much away.

If that’s the case, there’s arguably no expression as essential as this one:

“I miss you.”

Whether it’s a Christmas map to your French hold mom or a romantic good-bye on the communication of a train station, let’s dive in and learn exactly how to to speak this essential, emotionally-charged phrase.

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“I miss out on You” in French: A Must-know expression from the Language the Love

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How to Say “I miss You” in French

Saying “I miss out on you” in French uses the French verb manquer.

The many basic way to speak “I miss you” in French is tu me manques (I miss you).

This is how you’d say it if you’re talking to one other human in an informal setting, and also you don’t want to include any embellishments.

But you’re a French language learner, therefore you more than likely aren’t contents to simply memorize a phrase and check a box, right? The truth is, saying “I miss you” in French is a many more facility than simply memorizing the native tu me manques.

So, let’s destruction a little deeper…

The beginning of Manquerand exactly how It Can help You

Etymology (word origin) have the right to sometimes have actually real value as soon as it comes to creating associations and remembering the definitions of new vocabulary words. The origin of the wordmanquer (to miss), in particular, have the right to be highly valuable for understanding exactly how to say “I miss you” in French.

Manquer comes indigenous the Italian mancare, which means “to be lacking something.” Pay attention—that word origin is important! Being mindful of the will aid you together we start to explore the grammar behind absent someone in French.

What carry out I mean, you ask?

Thinking in Opposites to Remember “I miss out on You” in French

Compare these two phrases:

I miss you.

Tu me manques.

Do you notification something fishy?

Yep, you’ve gained it! In English, the topic of the sentence is “I.” But in French, the subject is tu (you).

Accordingly, in the English “I miss out on you,” the thing is “you.” In the French tu me manques, the thing is me (me).

In other words, the pronouns room opposites the one another.

Here’s wherein that etymology fact comes into play. Remember how manquer comes from a word meaning “to be doing not have something”?

Well, the pronouns room reversed because the French expression tu me manques translates literally right into “you are lacking from me.”

We have the right to use this information to create our very own visualization trick. From currently on, every time you want to to express “I miss you” in French, snapshot the other person as being “missing from you” or “lacking from you.”

This will help you mental the literal an interpretation of “I miss out on you” in French, and it’ll aid you keep your pronoun straight!

How to pronounce “I miss You” in French

Let’s take a look at just how to pronounce the existing tense develops of “I miss out on you” using vous andtu, the French an individual pronouns for “you.”

In addition to giving audio pronunciations, I’ve likewise included voice transcriptions native the IPA (International voice Alphabet) so that you deserve to pronounce “I miss you” choose a pro!

For those who aren’t familiar, the IPA is a standardized collection of phonetic icons that you can use to learn to pronounce any type of word. If girlfriend haven’t checked out these icons before, you can use an worldwide Phonetic Alphabet chart to interpret them.

Most commonly, you’ll encounter “I miss out on you” making use of tu,the informal singular kind of “you”:

Tu me manques

By its very nature, the statement “I miss you” is an intimate one, for this reason you’re much less likely to use it through the formal vousin the singular.

However, the doesn’t average you’ll never ever hear it. And also since vous is additionally used to say “you” to much more than one person (even on not blocked terms), you can want to say “I miss you” to a team of civilization you recognize well:

Vous me manquez

Click on any of those links to hear the joint of indigenous speakers from about the French-speaking world.

How to practice Saying “I miss out on You” in French

Listen to famous Music

As one obvious selection for love songs, the expression tu me manques (I miss you) is a typical sight in francophone lyrics and also song titles.

Listening come these, together asTu me manquesby Canadian-Belgian singer Lara Fabian, is a good way come instill one emotional connection with this expression and get used to just how it sounds. This, in turn, will aid you come reach for it instinctively once you’re feeling a similar way.

Watch Real-world Videos on take away real-world videos—like music videos, movie trailers, news and inspiring talks—and turns them right into personalized language discovering lessons.

Each video clip comes with interactive subtitles in French and English, to add practice attributes like quizzes and also flashcard decks. videos are a wonderful method to exercise listening to this expression, not simply in the current tense yet in every tenses. Just by the town hall videos, you’ll be exposed to aboriginal French speaker using different pronouns to express “missing someone” in different contexts. Plus, the videos provide a great way to job-related on your in its entirety pronunciation and also comprehension.

You have the right to watch music videos like in the instance above, or enjoy watching real-life, herbal conversations to get you as much as speed. Because that targeted practice, girlfriend can even search because that phrases favor “I miss out on you” in the search bar to uncover a list of videos where the expression appears. also offers a totally free trial, so girlfriend can check it out prior to committing.

Use online Tests and Exercises to practice “I miss You” in French

If you’re a kinesthetic learner, exercise tests and also exercises deserve to be beneficial, specifically when it comes to making feeling of the grammar and syntax associated with manquer.

Make use of the internet to improve your handle on “I miss out on you” in French. You deserve to start through this great exercise over at

“I miss You” and the an excellent Grammar Breakdown

Choosing the Correct pronouns to speak “I miss out on You”

Now we’ve developed that “I miss out on you” in French way “you are absent from me,” you deserve to take the following step in deciding which kind of pronoun to use and how to usage them.

Once you begin practicing, you’ll not only have the ability to say “I miss out on you,” but also “I miss out on her,” “We miss them” and even “I miss out on it”!

As it’s the opposite means around come English, you’re going to need a French topic pronoun come kick points off. Remember, this pronoun represents the human being who’s being missed—or in other words, the human who you’re “lacking”:

Je (I)

Tu (you — informal, singular)

Il/elle (he/she/it)

Nous (we)

Vous (you — formal, or you — plural)

Ils/elles (they—masculine/feminine)

Now, you’ll require to determine the person who’s doing the missing. because that this part, you take a French indirect object pronoun (think of it choose the filling in the middle of a delicious sandwich, holding everything together):

Me (me)

Te (you — informal, singular)

Lui (him/her)


Vous (you — formal, or girlfriend — plural)


Finally, you include the verb manquerto finish this masterpiece! Remember the the conjugation need to agree with the topic pronoun you supplied at the beginning. Let’s watch at part examples:

Je car manque (you miss out on me)

Ils me manquent (I miss them — masculine/mixed males and females)

Tu lui manques (she/he misses friend — informal/singular)

Il me manque (I miss him/it)

Saying “I miss You” Using different Verb Tenses

Verb tenses room often facility enough without including manquerto the mix! but without acquiring too heavy, we can take a short look in ~ what “I miss out on you” in French looks favor in various time frames various other than the present.

Mastery comes through practice and also you may need to deepen your expertise of French verb tenses and pronouns before this becomes clearer to you. In any kind of case,I’m going come stick come the informal singular kind of this expression—tu me manques,to lessen any type of confusion or mind fog you may be experiencing.

The main thing come remember is that everything crazy edge of room and time we discover ourselves in, the pronoun don’t readjust (phew!):

Tu me manques (I miss out on you — present tense)

Tu m’as manqué (I missed friend — perfect tense)

Tu me manquais (I missed you/I supplied to miss you/I was absent you — imperfect tense)

Tu me manqueras (I will miss out on you — an easy future tense)

Modifying Manquerto Express just how Much You miss out on Someone

Of course, as in English, a straightforward “I miss out on you” in French may not be enough to express your level of feeling.

In this case, you can simply add an adverb to modify manquer:

Tu me manques tellement(I miss you for this reason much)

Tu me manques beaucoup (I miss out on you a lot)

Tu me manques déjà (I miss you already)

Tu me manques un peu (I miss out on you a little/a bit)

How to Say “I miss You, Too” in French

Ready to be thrown an additional curveball?

The positive response to this declare is also reversed! therefore while in English we’d speak “I miss out on you too,” once again you need to think of that in regards to “you are lacking from me too.”

In French, this is:

Toi aussi, tu me manques. (I miss you, too.)

Tu me manques, toi aussi.

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(I miss out on you, too.)

Awesome alternatives to Manquer: Other means to to speak “I miss out on You” in French

If you’re a bit fed up with manqueror just want to spice points up, there are other ways to express “I miss you” in French that state this feeling implicitly:

J’ai hâte de car voir ! (I can’t wait to see you!)

J’ai envie de dare voir (I feel prefer seeing you)

Sans toi, je suis pas bien(Without you, I’m struggling)

Je veux être là avec toi (I desire to be there v you)

So currently that we’ve gone end the basics, it’s time for you to placed what you’ve learned into practice. Now that we need to say goodbye ~ this lengthy article, there’s just one much more question come ask:

Will you miss me?

Sophie McDonald is a freelance contents writer through a burning passion for writing and languages. Friend can discover her Twitter page here where she will be most most likely talking around writing and languages.

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