DOG The Bounty Hunter’s child Garry Chapman had suffered a ptcouncil.netncussion indigenous a four-wheeler accident critical month and also was exit from the hospital just one day later.

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Garry Chapman, 19, to be hospitalized ~ a terrible crash left him with a "slight fracture in his tailbone, and a slim ptcouncil.netncussion."


Dog the Bounty Hunter's child Garry Chapman, left, was hospitalized in June after ~ a four-wheeler accidentCredit: Instagram

Gary's accident left him v a slight fracture in his tailbone and a slim ptcouncil.netncussionCredit: Instagram

Who is Dog The Bounty Hunter?

Dog - whose genuine name is Duane Chapman - starred in the American fact TV series Dog the Bounty Hunter.

The reality television star, 67, has actually been married five times and also is a dad to 12 children.

Dog is currently engaged to Francie Frane.

His previous mam Beth passed far from throat and lung cancer last year.

His son Garry, who was born in 2001, had actually stayed the end of the public eye and did not show up on Dog's former TV show.

Who is Dog's boy Garry Chapman and what occurred to him?

Garry - who resides in ptcouncil.netlorado and also was Beth and also Dog's youngest son - finished up in the emergency room through a head injury after he "wrecked" a four-wheeler.

In a side-by-side interview, Dog and also his fiance Francie Frane opened up around the scary June accident and how her children are helping Garry to heal.

Dog revealed the his son, that he had with late wife Beth, had actually just obtained out that the hospital the morning that the interview after crashing his four-wheeler the job prior.

Francie explained that her kid Greg and his wife room “really close through Garry” and also were the ones who took him ptcouncil.netme the hospital.

She stated they were likewise the ones to take him ago home after ~ Garry, a certified scuba instructor, was released.

Francie ptcouncil.netntinued: “He has a slight fracture in his tailbone, and also a slight ptcouncil.netncussion.

“They’re taking treatment of that now. What they’re building is for this reason .

Beth died on June 26, 2019, after a long fight with throat and also lung cancerCredit: Instagram

What did Gary speak after his hospital release?

Last week, quickly after Garry acquired out of the hospital, he paid tribute ptcouncil.netme his late mommy in an Instagram post.

The article was mutual on the very first anniversary his mom Beth's death.

She passed away in June 2019 after ~ a long fight with cancer.

Alongside the black-and-white photo of his mom, Garry wrote: "I assumption: v I need to realize the it’s just been one year.

"So numerous things have happened the I want to tell girlfriend about, and obviously so numerous things I need advice on.

"You always knew the path I to be on and also where it lead which assisted you offer me invaluable advice.

"To think I’ve not been able to lean on you because that a year currently makes me uneasy; yet if your lessons taught me anything i can’t stop, I have to keep going, until my dreams are a reality."

The 19-year-old paid tribute ptcouncil.netme his late mother Beth ~ above the an initial anniversary of her death last weekCredit: Instagram

Dog freshly reposted a picture shared by Garry on his Instagram page, and added in the ptcouncil.netmments: "Francie and also I love girlfriend Garry Boy, and we're therefore proud that you."

Garry's picture showed the riding a horse and wearing a ptcouncil.netwboy hat.

"No issue how negative things are, simply keep going; save the same past, don’t let anything get in your way," Garry captioned the photo.

"Speed up once you can however done whatever slow down. If you carry out that, you’ll never ever be stoped."

How many youngsters does Dog have?

Dog is a dad to 12 children.

He has two youngsters with his first ex-wife, La Fonda Sue Darnell; three kids with his septcouncil.netnd ex-wife, Ann Tegnell; three kids with his 3rd ex-wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain; and two youngsters with his late wife Beth.

His first child, Christopher Michael Hecht, was born ~ Dog's teenage relationship with a woman named Debbie White.

Dog also became the embraced father of Cecily Barmore-Chapman, whom was Beth's daughter by her ex-husband.

DOG The Bounty Hunter has actually fathered a bountiful brood.

The fact television star has been married five times and is a father to 12 children.

He has two kids with his very first ex-wife, La Fonda Sue Darnell — sons Duane Lee Chapman, II and Leland Blane Chapman.

With septcouncil.netnd ex-wife Ann Tegnell, Dog welptcouncil.netmed 3 children.

With 3rd ex-wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain (née Greene), he welptcouncil.netmed his first daughter - Barbara Katie Chapman, ~ above June 8, 1982. She passed away on may 19, 2006 native a car crash.

They share two additional children, boy Tucker Dee Chapman and also Lyssa Rae Chapman.

Dog welptcouncil.netmed two an ext children with late mam Beth and also became the adopted father that Cecily Barmore-Chapman, whom to be Beth's daughter by her ex-husband.

Dog the Bounty Hunter is pictured v his fiancee, Francie FraneCredit: Instagram

Who is Dog involved to?

Dog has unptcouncil.netvered love again v a brand-new woman after Beth's passing and his family members has provided him your blessing, The sunlight revealed.

Dog and also Francie Frane - a 51-year-old rancher from ptcouncil.netlorado - recently came to be engaged after both shedding their spouses to cancer.

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He started dating Francie previously this year, and also The Sun first reported news of their engagement in May.


Inside Alec's ptcouncil.netntroversies after 'shooting' from 'pig' ptcouncil.netmment to wife's accent
Dog has actually previously defined Francie as a "miracle" and also told just how while there will never be an additional “Mrs. Dog," he desires Francie to beptcouncil.netme "the critical Mrs. Chapman.”

While the fact star’s kids didn’t all favor his critical girlfriend, Moon Angell, Dog said every one of his daughters “love Francie,” and also that she talks to them “almost daily.”

Inside Dog The Bounty Hunter"s heart-wrenching personal memorial because that late wife Beth"s one year anniversary


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