Two and also a half Men"s "Wanda" made simply a solitary appearance ~ above the show, but she left fairly the impression on pan of the series! Let"s find out what actress Diora Lynn Baird aka Two and a half Men"s "Wanda", is approximately today.

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"Wanda" made only one appearance on Two and also a half Men — but it to be a an extremely memorable one.

Two and also a fifty percent Men: "Wanda"

The series debut the "Wanda" came in the season 6 episode "She"ll Still be Dead in ~ Halftime." Though, "Wanda" had earlier been referenced as a woman who "Charlie Harper" (Charlie Sheen) had ventured away v to las Vegas. This was referenced through a poster the "Wanda" the "Jake" (Angus T. Jones) had actually on his wall.

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In she lone episode, "Wanda" reasons difficulties because that "Charlie" once she reflects up in ~ his house and tries to pursue him again. "Charlie" is date "Chelsea" in ~ the time, for this reason he resists and also tries to acquire "Wanda," who is drunk, to leave the house. She ultimately does, happen an end to she stint together a temptress of "Charlie."



Two and also a half Men - "Wanda" Today

Diora Baird is now 38 year old and she"s still acting! since 2009, the former Guess? model has continued to show up in films and also TV series. Few of the better-known reflects she"s guested ~ above include Law & Order: SVU, Bent, Shameless (in 4 episodes together "Meg"), Casual, and Telenovela

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On the big screen, you may have seen Baird in Hot bathtub Time Machine or Transit. Plus, in the last few years, she"s appeared in several life time movies including My Daughter Vanished, The Missing Sister, too as DNA Killer in 2020. 


Diora Baird in 2021

For these roles, Baird defines herself as "That lesbian mom who plays moms ~ above TV" on her Instagram account. Baird shares a kid with her ex-husband, but she"s due to the fact that confirmed the she identifies as a lesbian. 

The actress likewise plays "Shannon Keene" on the web series Cobra Kai, i m sorry was simply picked up by Netflix in June 2020.

Check in top top Diora"s Instagram for posts on her work, personal life, her assistance of LGBTQ rights and causes, Black lives Matter, and more!