CHATTANOOGASEPTEMBER 30 2021.....SUNRISE 7:35 to be EDT SUNSET 7:26 afternoon EDT OCTOBER 1 2021.......SUNRISE 7:36 am EDT SUNSET 7:24 pm EDT KNOXVILLESEPTEMBER 30 2021.....SUNRISE 7:30 to be EDT SUNSET 7:21 pm EDT OCTOBER 1 2021.......SUNRISE 7:31 am EDT SUNSET 7:19 pm EDT TRI-CITIESSEPTEMBER 30 2021.....SUNRISE 7:24 to be EDT SUNSET 7:14 afternoon EDT OCTOBER 1 2021.......SUNRISE 7:25 to be EDT SUNSET 7:13 afternoon EDT

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ALERT! The U.S. Navy is right now conducting maintain on the Sunrise/Sunset website, so many of the links below may not work.

A NOAA different is accessible here.

Sun and Moon

Tides and CurrentsTime

The U.S. Marine Observatory (USNO) computes astronomical data. Therefore, the NWS does not record, certify, or authenticate huge data. Computed time of sunrise, sunset, moonrise, moonset; and also twilight, moon phases and other expensive data are easily accessible from USNO's huge Applications room (

See for information on using these data because that legal purposes.

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