There are numerous examples of fossils found on separate continents and nowhere else, saying the continent were as soon as joined. If continental Drift had not occurred, the alternative explanations would be:

The species evolved separately on separate continents – contradicting Darwin’s theory of evolution. Lock swam to the various other continent/s in breeding pairs to create a second population.

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Image: from This Dynamic Earth: The Story of bowl Tectonics p8

Remains that Mesosaurus, a freshwater crocodile-like reptile that lived during the early on Permian (between 286 and also 258 million year ago), are discovered solely in southerly Africa and Eastern southern America. That would have actually been physiologically impossible for Mesosaurus come swim in between the continents. This suggests that south America and also Africa were joined throughout the beforehand Permian.

Cynognathus is an extinct mammal-like reptile. The surname literally way ‘dog jaw’. Cynognathus was as large as a modern-day wolf and also lived throughout the early on to mid Triassic period (250 come 240 million years ago). The is discovered as fossils just in south Africa and South America.



Lystrosaurus -which literally method ‘shovel reptile’ - was leading on soil in the early Triassic, 250 million years ago. That is thought to have actually been herbivorous and grew to approximately one metre in length, v a stocky construct like a pig. Fossils that Lystrosaurus are only uncovered in Antarctica, India and South Africa.

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Glossopteris to be a woody, seed-bearing shrub or tree, called after the Greek descripton the ‘tongue’ – a summary of the shape of the leaves. Some reached 30m tall. The evolved throughout the early Permian (299 million years ago) and went on to end up being the dominant types throughout the period, not ending up being extinct till the end of the Permian. Fossils are discovered in Australia, southern Africa,South America, India and also Antarctica.

When the continents of the southern hemisphere are re-assembled right into the solitary land fixed of Gondwanaland, the circulation of these 4 fossil types kind linear and constant patterns of distribution throughout continental boundaries.