The Tony Award-winning musical "West side Story" will certainly be carry out tonight and also Wednesday at the State Theatre in Easton.

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Modern-day Romeo and also Juliet characters Tony and Maria areset against Leonard Bernstein's timeless and also groundbreaking score in the Tony Award-winning musical "West Sid Story.''

While "West Side" is an ext than 50 years old, it proceeds toresonate through audiences through Bernstein's music and also a modern retelling ofWilliam Shakespeare's ultimate love story ''Romeo and also Juliet."

"The most inspiring component about the story is the 'DreamBallet.' This is the component of the play whereby everything and also everyone comestogether and it seems favor we are all life in a perfect world. It provides theaudience a glimpse that what the civilization would be favor if there to be no violence andbigotry. As for the music, that couldn't love the music," claims touring company cast member guy Mandia Jr. In an e-mail interview.

"West side Story" is about two rival street gangs, the Sharksand the Jets, set in 1950s new York. Tony, the the Jets, learn what it way to do the ultimate sacrifice forlove.

The current national tour features such showcase song as"Feel Pretty" "Somewhere" and "Tonight," follow to a newsrelease. The musical opens tonight at the State Theatre in Easton.

"In order come prepare for this role, ns really tried come balanceout my diet -- cutting earlier on mine portions and cutting out most junky items," Mandia Jr. Says. That playsthe duty of Action, a short-fused member of the jets street gang, i beg your pardon is in ~ odds v the Sharks.

Mandia Jr. Has some advice for aspiring young actors."Always occupational at 100 percent. No issue what," that says.

Jamie Balliet, vice chairman of marketing for the State Theatre, states the theatre is thrilled to lug "West next Story" ago to Easton. "We lug only the an extremely best touring reflects to our stage and also this timeless classic will no disappoint," Balliet claims in one email.

"West side Story" is based upon a publication byArthur Laurents v Bernstein's music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim. "WestSide Story" premiered on Broadway in 1957. That was later on made into a 1961 film. The movie, which won 10 Academy Awards, was directed by JeromeRobbins and Robert Wise and also starred Nathalie lumber as the disastrous heroine Maria.

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