wherein Did the Phrase, 'What a Revolting Development' Come From? In their latest look in ~ old cultural references in comics, CSBG reveals whereby the Thing"s capture phrase, "What a revolting development" come from!

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This is Foggy ruins of Time, a feature that offers the cultural context behind certain comic publication characters/behaviors. Friend know, the type of then-topical referrals that have actually faded into the “foggy damages of time.” come wit, 20 years from now, a college an elderly watching episodes of "Seinfeld" will likely miss a the majority of the then-topical pop culture humor (like the very details references in “The Understudy” come the Nancy Kerrigan/Tonya Harding scandal).

I had this planned as shortly as i did my item where I in-depth where the Thing first said, "What a revolting development," but reader Byron W. Specifically pointed out that I have to talk about Life of Riley in a Facebook discuss that piece, therefore I"ll give him a shout out here!

The development of "What a Revolting Development" is a fascinating explain on the popularity of beforehand radio and, moreover, the interplay in between radio and the popular cartoons that the day which, the course, remain famous to this really day because of syndication.

Life that Riley was a radio sitcom (perhaps the an initial sitcom, at least as far as we understand the concept today) that debuted in 1941. I did a TV Legends Revealed years back on the interesting advancement of the show. The present starred veteran film character actor, william Bendix together Chester Riley, the reduced middle class star the the show (the name of the show, The Life that Riley, is, chin a bit of a Foggy ruins of Time, together it is a reference to a once-popular phrase, "Living the Life that Reilly," an interpretation to really live it increase - its consumption here was expected to it is in ironic, because he to be a working class guy).

In any kind of event, together you can expect, among Bendix"s top capture phrases ~ above the display was to note, "What a revoltin" breakthrough this is."

Now, us go earlier to what ns was saying about cartoons. Earlier then, Looney melody cartoons continually made referrals to then-popular radio shows. It"s simply logical. Radio shows were talked words and also cartoons to be all about the voice actors and also so cartoons would typically repeat hoax that, at the time, girlfriend got because they were topical references. Now, though, they simply seem like character bits.

So Daffy Duck, in particular, would use "What a revolting development" (here is a connect to him saying it). Here is just a Daffy Duck cartoon because, hey, why not?

The expression would eventually come to be ubiquitous and also ultimately, the Thing started using the in the great Four.

in ~ the time, it was expected as a clear referral that people would get, yet over the years, it"s currently become more of a Thing, well, thing than something else...

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however now we deserve to credit Bendix once again!

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