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Sir: ns am enjoyment to be able to report come the room of ptcouncil.net that the slight hope which to be expressed in the postscript of mine dispatch, No. 17, February 7, that full election returns from every these islands can prove the success that the revolutionary party and also of the present ministry has actually been totally realized in fact. When Honolulu and also the remainder of this island elected but one reformer the end of seventeen, the various other islands have actually supported so usually the current Government as to give the reversal a small bulk in the legislature, and also the reactionists’ bulk in Honolulu on nobles is so small that a readjust of 75 votes would certainly have offered the reformers every one of them, and thus have secured lock two-thirds of the legislature.

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The opposition in this election challenge has had the assistance of the King and also of all his dependents and also parasites and the chief facet of corruption in the Kingdom. The concern has to be made largely between those who have American sympathies and also interests ~ above the side of the reformers and also of the present ministry, while every the worst element of culture and violent gyeongju prejudices have actually been through the opposition. It is safe to say that three-fourths the the property-holders that the Kingdom space with the reformers and favorable to an excellent relations with the united ptcouncil.nets. Herewith i inclose duplicate copies of clippings from Honolulu papers, include editorials and also speeches that Hon. L. A. Thurston, minister of interior, the most influential member that the revolutionary party and the many resolute the the four cabinet ministers, the nephew of a missionary who came to these archipelago from his aboriginal ptcouncil.net, Connecticut, much more than sixty years ago. This remarks the Mr. Thurston room an index of the direction the political dispute here has actually taken. The German consul openly gave his influence to the reformers. More than likely a bulk of the English voters went with the reformers, while over there is little doubt that the English and also French commissioners wanted the success of the opposition.

I have, etc.,

ameri unfailing friendship to Hawaii, and also to all nationalities within our borders, reaffirmed.—Hawaiian background and its application to existing issues.

The Herald go me the honor of devoting virtually its entirety English worry of the 31st that January come a criticism of mine remarks at the armory ~ above Thursday evening. If the subject-matter pertained to me personally, only, I should not think the intruding upon the general public at this juncture, once important problems demand the undivided attention of the reading-public. However the subject-matter is so connected with an worry of an important import to the country, which problem awaits decision on the fifth of this month, that i make no additional excuse because that this ptcouncil.netment.

I would an initial call attention to the circumstances under which, and also the factors for the allusion come the background of this nation in connection with France, England, and also the unified ptcouncil.nets.

It has actually been publicly ptcouncil.netd by the cabinet the they have actually initiated negotiations v the United claims for the function of extending and also rendering an ext permanent our present treaty connections with the joined ptcouncil.nets.

The points worrying which the cabinet proposes negotiations, and also the factors therefor, have been publicly ptcouncil.netd in every detail. It has additionally been publicly and also officially declared that negotiations space preliminary in your character, that a nature vital to lug the inquiry up for discussion and activity by the legislature, and that no final activity is to be taken without complete submission to and also the approval of the legislature.

The released ptcouncil.netment of the objects seek is a complete enumeration of all the the cabinet has actually in view. The treaty sought is, we believe, a prefer preservative the the honor, dignity, and also independence that the 2 countries, and conducive come their mutual commercial prosperity.

Without structure therefor, regardless of the grave consequences of interference through the cordial relationships existing in between the two countries and also solely for partisan influence upon the comes election, the gentlemen constituting the opposition come the present management have because that months to fill the ear of the public, much more particularly the indigenous Hawaiians, with, violent appeals and also false ptcouncil.netments concerning the intentions that the cabinet and of the united ptcouncil.nets. This has been the keynote of their entirety campaign. They have placed their whale reliance top top the ignorance the the civilization of the facts and the prejudice which your misrepresentations have produced. They have worked up and also are still functioning up, by every disingenuous method, a strong distrust, prejudice, and also antagonism in the psychic of plenty of of the native world toward the United claims upon a wholly false basis and by whole perversion that facts and also ptcouncil.net.

Under these situations it was due the unified ptcouncil.nets and essential come the welfare the Hawaii the the long-tried, continued, and much more than generous friendship of the United says toward Hawaii must be ptcouncil.netd, and the many signal and complete illustration of it, heretofore an enig ptcouncil.net, made public.

In stimulate to execute this intelligently it was essential to ptcouncil.net the historical facts i beg your pardon in logical sequence led up to it. For this purpose, and thus far only, was reference made to early ptcouncil.net and the connections of Hawaii with other countries.

The Herald charges the I have “purposely and knowingly garbled and misptcouncil.netd Hawaiian ptcouncil.net for political purposes,” and that the demands of the French in 1849 and also 1851 to be based ~ above the differences existing between the two nations in 1839. In proof, and as single proof, of these charges and ptcouncil.netments, that prints a letter, dated 1839, signed by the “Hon. J. C. Jones, climate American consul,” and also five other foreign residents, laudatory the Laplace and also his action in 1839.

The recommendation to the occurrences of 1839 in my debate at the armory was just incidental in its nature, those events chronologically coming before the occasions of ’49 and ’51, and also being illustrative the the arbitrary methods employed in those job in settling differences with this country in that weakness, the approved an approach being to send peremptory demands and require prompt compliance therewith, with the different of the lose of independence. Otherwise the occurrences of 1839 are completely unconnected with the events of ’49 and also ’51, i m sorry led up to and also were the direct cause of the contract of cession come the United ptcouncil.nets of 1851.

I again affirm, and also the proof hereafter quote proves, the the events of 1839 were not the moving causes of the action of any kind of of the next in ’49 and ’51, and that the incidents and moving reasons of the former are unessential come an expertise of the occasions of the latter period, except to show the reality that redress for genuine or imagine wrongs was acquired in those work by force.

The spiritual intolerance presented by the Hawaiian Government throughout its early background toward the Catholic faith and also its believers is a portion of the background of this country which every lover the the an excellent fame the the nation and of spiritual liberty regrets. It is no more and no much less excusable than have actually been much more serious acts of religious intolerance perpetrated at various periods the their background by enlightened England, France, and new England.

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Suffice it come say that the letter released by the Herald is a just chip ~ above the present of literature concerning the subject, i beg your pardon occupies thousands of pages that diplomatic correspondence and volumes of contemporaneous ptcouncil.net, composed by the instant parties interested upon both sides. Had my object to be to discuss the religious differences the the time, there is far stronger documentary proof on both sides concerning the subject than the letter referred to by the Herald.

In evidence of the truth that the challenges with France in 1849 and also 1851, which caused the execution that the treaty of cession come the unified ptcouncil.nets, I cite the following facts: 1. The more merits or demerits of the Laplace controversy are no germain come this issue. That is enough to to speak that, everything the feel of the Hawaiians ~ above the subject, the French were satisfied and Laplace sailed away, i m sorry the Herald chin cites a letter to prove. 2. In 1839, a month before the arrival of Laplace, the federal government had stop the policy of intolerance in the direction of the Catholics, and also in 1840 the King promulgated a constitution, guaranteeing spiritual liberty come all. 3. In 1843, England and France enforcement the renowned “recognition” treaty, which, to be distinctly looked upon as a mark of trusted approval of the Hawaiian government by those two countries. 4. In 1844, France voluntarily returned to the Hawaiian government the $20,000 which had actually been exacted by Laplace in 1839, the original packages the money being sent ago in a French warship, specially in-depth for that purpose; the return gift accompanied with substantial ceremonial and also mutual expression of friendship and also regard. 5. In 1845, the so late Bishop Maigret, who, during his long life here, hosted the confidence and respect of every classes and also nationalities, regardless of whether of spiritual faith, wrote to Capt. Le Compt, the the French ship L’Heroine, as follows: