Orderly crystalline structure, inorganic, definite chemical composition that enables for some variation, naturally occurring, solid substance.

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Which of the complying with materials room not classified together minerals and also why: gold, water, synthetic diamonds, ice, and also wood.
Synthetic Diamonds due to the fact that its manmade and also not naturally occurring. Water due to the fact that it"s not a hard substance. Wood since it"s organic.
An atom is the smallest fragment that cannot be chemically split. One ion is a positive or negatively charged atom.
Briefly distinguish among ionic, covalent, and also metallic bonding and the function that electrons play in each.
Ionic bonding: electron gain and also loss. Covalent bonding: electron sharing. Metallic bonding: electrons are free to move.
Cleavage is the propensity of a mineral to break follow me planes the weak bonding. Fracture is when a mineral produces uneven surfaces.
Rock-forming minerals space minerals that make up rocks in the Earth"s crust. Financial minerals space minerals used extensively in the produce of products.
Explain the complying with statement: Silicate minerals through 3D structures have the greatest silicon content, while those created of live independence tetrahedra have the lowest.
3D structures have actually the highest possible silicon content because the ratio of silicon come oxygen is 2:1 rather than 4:1 in live independence tetrahedra.
What distinctions in their silicate structures account for the different properties of quartz and talc?
Quartz has actually only silicon-oxygen bonds and a 3D framework making it an extremely hard. Talc has actually a sheet framework in which magnesium ions join the sheets together.
Apart native their difference in color, what is one main difference between light and also dark silicates? What accounts for this difference?
The irradiate silicates have more potassium, sodium, calcium, and also aluminum. The dark silicates have much more iron and also magnesium.
Is shade a an excellent way to distinguish in between orthoclase and also plagioclase feldspar? If not, what is a more effective means of distinguishing them?
No; the only way to identify the feldspars physically is to look for a multitude of good parallel currently (striations).

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Hematite (ores that iron), Magnetite (ores that iron), Galena (lead), Halite (salt), Calcite (cement), Sphalerite (zinc ore), native Copper (copper), Fluorite (steel).