Are you travel to Mexico or sending money home? then you’ll must turn her USD, CAD, or other money into mexican pesos.

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Just in search of the the current peso to dollar (or dollar come peso) exchange rate? here’s today’s price with

While the mexico peso is the national currency of Mexico, you may not know that it provided to it is in widely embraced as legal soft in the U.S., Canada, and also even some eastern nations. 

The reality is, the mexico peso isn’t simply banknotes and also coins. It likewise serves together a link to background in the Americas. 

Keep reading to learn an ext about the mexico peso, from funny facts to handy considerations. 

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mexico peso essentials
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A short background of the mexico peso
The currency exchange rate in Mexico defined
6 fascinating facts about the mexico peso
1. Think $ stands for USD? Think again
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2. The an initial peso banknotes weren’t published in Mexico.
3. Peso literally method “weight.”
4. The really hard to do counterfeit pesos.
Some locations accept both USD and MXN.
Mexico’s peso was an early currency model.
acquiring the finest deal because that Mexican pesos
sending out money to Mexico

Mexican peso essentials


So, how deserve to you get the ideal exchange rate as soon as converting come pesos?

For tourists, you have a lot of options. You deserve to use plane kiosks, ATMs (cajeros automaticos), money exchange offices, or simply your credit transaction card. Friend can likewise order MXN indigenous your bank before you also leave home.

Out of this options, you’re likely to gain the ideal fees native an ATM or credit transaction card. However, you’ll have to let her card issuer know that you’ll be the end of the country. Otherwise, your bank may think that you’re a victim of identification theft and block her card. 

And you’ll desire at least some cash top top you. Medium and also smaller shops most likely won’t expropriate a credit card. Nothing forget come break big bills whenever girlfriend can. Anything end $200 pesos is taken into consideration large, and many vendors won’t be ready or able to provide readjust for a keep in mind that big.

Sending money to Mexico

If you live abroad, sending out money come Mexico can be expensive since of exchange rate markups and also hidden fees.

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At, we carry out things a little bit differently. As soon as you usage our application to send to Mexico native the U.S., at the moment of writing, you’ll find a level fee for any transfers that $500 USD or less when you use your debit card. Everything above that is fee-free. 

And v our coverage across Mexico, from shore to coast, your recipients can pick increase cash from acquainted locations. These encompass OXXO, Elektra, Bancoppel, and more. You can additionally send straight to a Mexican financial institution account or debit card.