Today i’m circling back to the on-going blog collection Let’s add color “Exploring The shade Wheel”, wherein we will take a closer look at two of mine favorite shade combinations; pink and brown.

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Throughout this series, ns looking in ~ the miscellaneous colors, primary, an additional and tertiary, what they signify and also which colors look good together and why.

I will continue to talk around the usage of the shade wheel in my home décor with tablescapes, transitional vignettes, us design, and gardening.

One caveat, in the scientific research of color, black and white are not colors, yet in the interest of décor, and more importantly this blog – they room colors, will remain colors, and also play a far-ranging part in my decorating.



Take a closer look in ~ the color wheel, and also you will notice this exciting fact – that the shade brown and pink are nowhere on it.



I have to admit, after all the interior style classes, and also working with color in and outside of mine home, I never really thought about the reality that these 2 colors were not visually ~ above the color wheel.

So, where space they???

Let’s dig in and find out.

BROWN ~ above THE color WHEEL

The closest you pertained to brown is orange. Brown is developed by acquisition orange a secondary color (which is made by mix red and also yellow) and mixing it with blue a primary color.

Therefore, thus mixing of main and an additional colors, brown is considered a tertiary color.


The shade brown is called a tertiary color on the shade wheel. That’s because you require two of the three main colors, yellow and blue to create green.

Are girlfriend still v me? Good, now let’s look in ~ pink



Pink is one enigma, some say it no a color because it is lacking from the visible electromagnetic spectrum and also the rainbow.

Whew – it is a mouthful!

But if you mix white and red with each other you acquire pink. And also we deserve to see pink with our eyes, right. So, ns going v the bulk here and stating the pink is a real color.


Let’s include Pink & Brown



Brown is an earthy neutral color that conveys strength and reliability.

There is a resilience and also dependability come brown and also the emotion of security. Brown deserve to evoke feeling of warmth, comfort and also safety.

Let’s add Pink & Brown



You watch a many brown in nature,

Let’s include Pink & Brown


Let’s include Pink & Brown

And the shade is often defined as down-to-earth and also conservative, however it can additionally be sophisticated.

If your favorite shade is brown, girlfriend are stated to be honest, wholesome and also a salt the the earth kind that person. Steady and reliable, genuine and also sincere and also quietly confident.


The color pink is connected with nurturing, sensitivity come the needs of others, feminine, tender, cute and playfulness. Pink is a charming color, romantic verses passionate.

Let’s include Pink & Brown


Scientifically, pink has been proven to have a solid calming result on every one of us, but since it’s a color connected with weakness, large doses deserve to have the opposite effect and cause irritation.

Let’s include Pink and Brown


This color likewise represents the innocents that children. It suggests uncomplicated emotions and naivety.

Pink deserve to mentally bring you back to childhood memory of a strong maternal number in your life.


Like the color brown, pink is a herbal occurrence in nature.

Let’s include Pink & Brown



During spring, I like to incorporate small amounts the the color pink right into my décor. Ns usually integrate it through the browns uncovered in nature choose this small bird’s nest.


However, as soon as I observed these cute hare plates in brown, ns knew I had to have them because that the home.

Let’s add Pink & Brown



The chocolate brown and also cream in the plates space a beautiful contrast to the soft pinks.

I didn’t use a lot of either brown or pink in the hutch. Over there is only a tiny amount on every shelf to intuitive tie every little thing together.

Let’s add Pink & Brown


They are both heat colors that play unique together. Brown stabilizes the pink you use in décor, making that seem much less childlike.

You may have noticed the there is fairly a bit of the neutral cream color in every photo. If you are leaning towards a pink and also brown combo in the home, I would certainly caution that you use large amounts of creamy white as a canvas because that the brown and pink.

Let’s add Pink & Brown

As I compose this post, ns thinking earlier to the early on 1990’s once pink and blue were really warm colors in the home. One of my sisters – you understand who you room – hopped on plank of the pink and also blue train and painted her family room pink, Pepto-Bismol pink to be exact. 

And i threw fist to the wind and painted virtually every room in my place a soft peachy-pink color!

What around you?

Do you like the color pink or maybe brown?

How about the combination of both?

I’m not also going come ask if you prefer pepto-pink almost everywhere your walls…just not going there.

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Till next time,


Let’s add Pink & Brown




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May 8, 2019 in ~ 7:01 am

Great, much information article, Rachelle! have the right to you tell me where you gained the brown and also cream rabbit plates? They are adorable and also would it is in perfect in our house. We live in a rural setting with many bunnies around! so happy come ha e uncovered your blog! blessing