In our recurring attempt to market up as lot love come A Nightmare top top Elm Street as we possibly deserve to this year here on Halloween Love, in honor of the 30th anniversary that its theatrical release, us now give the movie the five Fun facts treatment, which will certainly hopefully educate you about a thing or 2 you didn’t know around Freddy’s debut.

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And hey, this day is Robert Englund’s 67th birthday, therefore this short article is extra timely and topical. Happy Birthday, sir!


1) In Wes Craven’s initial Nightmare ~ above Elm Street script, Freddy’s pullover featured the alternating colors red and yellow, together opposed come the red and also green the character of course became known because that wearing. Craven adjusted his mind around the color an option when he learned the red and green kind the hardest combination of colors because that the human eye to process, which the figured would certainly be the most fitting colors for Freddy come rock.

If you’re wondering why he made the decision to offer Freddy a striped pullover in the an initial place, that’d be because he want him to have the capacity to shape-shift, and also knew the if that wore a sweater v two distinct colors top top it, it would certainly be basic for a particular kind to be figured out as Freddy – merely by making those 2 colors influential on whatever form he take it on.


2) among the an initial studios to present interest in Craven’s Elm Street script was Walt Disney Studios, that allegedly request him to tone under the content, in an initiative to do the film an ext kid-friendly. Craven declined the offer and the film was eventually made by brand-new Line, helping to put the studio top top the map. A Disney-made Nightmare on Elm Street… imagine that?!


3) believe it or not, the original choice to play Freddy Krueger was not Robert Englund however English actor David Warner, who had previously played Jennings in The Omen. Warner was cast in the function and the original makeup experiment on his face (above), yet he ended up dropping out as result of scheduling conflicts, in ~ which allude Englund come in for an interview and also took over. Together you deserve to see through the test shot above, the initial Freddy makeup to be much much more aged, because Craven had actually originally plan on Freddy gift an older character.

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4) On rather of a associated note, did you understand that Freddy wasn’t in reality played by Englund, the first time we ever saw the on screen? during the opened credits, Freddy is building his above glove, and the hand seen throughout that sequence belong to special results artist Charles Belardinelli. Story goes that Belardinelli was the just one that knew just how to properly build the glove – a former carpenter, the helped design it – and so his hands were offered as a twin for Englund’s.


5) In a an extremely interesting twist of fate, Johnny Depp visited the Nightmare on Elm Street auditions with his girlfriend Jackie Earle Haley, that was vying for a duty in the film. That course, Depp finished up landing the component of Nancy’s friend Glen, while Haley didn’t do the cut. Years later, Jackie Earle Haley was cast to beat Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare top top Elm Street remake. Yep, the work again, please again Freddy auditioned come be killed off by the original Freddy, years prior. Just how crazy is that?!

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