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So you’ve chose tobuild your very own computer, however you’re not precisely sure wherein to start.Building your own computer system deserve to be one exciting, rewarding, and money-saving experience,

At the same time, it can regularly be confusing and also overwhelming to some. After all, no one desires to chaos up their brand brand-new rig considering just how much castle cost!

Many parts consist of a computer system system, and they all must be compatible with each other to work. Otherwise, her system might not run smoothly or also run in ~ all.

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In this article, we room going to talk about how to examine all your pc parts and also ensure they are all compatible v one another.

PC component Compatibility: whereby To Start?

Looking in ~ what provides up a core construct list, fine touch on each component and also discuss what you need to know when determining compatibility. Here’s a quick outline the what we’ll discuss:

Motherboards and also Processors (CPU)



Your very first decision is deciding what processor and also motherboard you’ll be walk with. These two components go hand in hand and are the deciding aspect that determines compatibility because that the remainder of her build.

Aside native size, many of the various other parts have broader compatibility than a processor uneven you space dealing with really old models, therefore this element often ends up being the driving force behind your whole build.

Common Processors

Generally, there are two main lines of processor you will do it be choosing in between for a gaming PC: AMD’s Ryzen line and Intel’s main point line.


The Ryzen line has actually been made fully forward and backward compatible for the foreseeable future (and it only simply started in 2017, so girlfriend shouldn’t have to worry about that unexpectedly an altering anytime soon). This additionally goes because that the recent Ryzen 5000 series processors, through a wide variety of assistance from X570 and also B550 chipsets and also further assistance from 400 series on the horizon. However, each brand-new generation that Intel main point processors requirements a new motherboard come go through it.

While Intel’s 8th and 9th generation CPUs use the same LGA1151 socket, they call for motherboards based on the Intel 300 collection chipset. The processors ~ above this chipset aren’t behind compatible through motherboards based on Intel 200 or 100 collection chipsets. This is the case with Intel’s lastest 10th generation of processors too through them gift designed for the brand-new LGA1200 socket.


Next is making sure the chipset enables for the features that girlfriend want. Chipsets are part of the motherboard and also will recognize its capabilities.

Put plainly; chipsets are simply sets the chips. As an innovation has progressed along, certain motherboard operations that essential their own chip downsized and also integrated with other chips, offering us the word chipset.

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Processors assistance multiple levels of chipsets, usually varying from an easy features on a motherboard such together the AMD Ryzen A320 chipset, which will certainly not enable overclocking to more advanced chipsets, such as theAMD Ryzen X570, which unlocks complete overclocking and more.