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The child-like Lennie loves to pet creatures such as the computer mouse he previously had actually in his pocket, in the clearing, when he and also George camped out the night before coming come the ranch. Currently that they are working in ~ the ranch, Lennie learns the Slim, the muleskinner, has a dog...

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The child-like Lennie loves to pet creatures such together the mouse he previously had in his pocket, in the clearing, when he and George camped the end the night before coming to the ranch. Now that they space working in ~ the ranch, Lennie learns the Slim, the muleskinner, has a dog who has had puppies, and, choose a young boy, Lennie loves to pet them. 

George has to caution Lennie no to pet the puppies too lot or interfere with the mother. Slim remarks, "He"s jes" like a kid, ain"t he." George replies, "Sure he"s jes" like a kid. There ain"t no much more harm in him 보다 a child neither, other than he"s therefore strong." This i about petting the puppies and his gift so strong foreshadows Lennie"s actions with Curley"s wife that tells him, ""Feel ideal aroun" over there an" see exactly how soft it is.""

Lennie"s huge fingers fell to stroking it...."Oh! That"s nice...""Look out, now, you"ll muss it...Let go....You permit go!"

When Lennie sees the she does not move, he whispers in fear, "I excellent a poor thing. Ns done another bad thing" as he associates what taken place to his pup through what he has actually just excellent to the wife.

George allows Lennie stay and also sleep the end in the barn through the puppies; Lennie even wins the mother"s to trust so the he takes them in and out that their colony repeatedly. Once the hands are playing horseshoes, just prior to Curley"s wife concerns the barn, we discover what Lennie has actually done come his puppy, the white and brown one he wanted. Lennie"s comment to himself tell united state that the bounced his puppy and that the puppy wasn"t large enough and also that he has actually killed his puppy, just like he killed the mouse and just prefer he would certainly kill Curley"s wife. Addressing the dead puppy, Lennie says:

"Why do you acquired to get killed? you ain"t so tiny as mice. I didn"t bounce you hard."