A standardized test is characterized as an exam that’s administered and scored in a really consistent manner. Standardized testing originated in China during the Han Dynasty. Now, this testing style is being used anywhere the world. The united States has been making use of standardized testing because 1900. Today, nearly all the higher education schools in the joined States require scores from at the very least one kind of standardization tests.

Before students also reach your freshman year in high institution they begin to hear about the importance of standardized testing and also the college admission process from friends and also school officials. College student hear around the adhering to standardized tests: Preliminary sat / nationwide Merit Scholarship Qualifying check (PSAT / NMSQT), Scholastic Aptitude check (SAT), and American College testing (ACT).

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While plenty of potential university students take it all 3 of this standardized tests, some just take one. The PSAT isn’t vital to get into college yet your school could require that for basic academic assessment. Nearly all (if not all) colleges/universities expropriate both scores native the SAT and ACT university admissions exams. However, some schools might prefer one end the other. 

SAT exercise + A Shot come Win free Money = PSAT / NMSQT 

Each year about 3.5 million students take the Preliminary PSAT. High school students generally take this exam together sophomores or juniors. The PSAT is usually offered once a year, and students typically take the test in the fall. Most high colleges cover the expense of the exam, for this reason students do not salary to take it it.


The inscription is nice self- explanatory. By taking the PSAT exam, you will certainly not only obtain SAT practice but if you get a high score friend might also qualify because that merit-based scholarships.

The PSAT has two sections. The mathematics component includes an easy arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The reading and writing component tests reading comprehension and analysis. You can get in between 160 and also 760 points on every section, because that a perfect PSAT score that 1520.

Registering digital is type of impossible. With that gift said, girlfriend will should register through the assist of your school (or if you are a homeschooled student), friend can uncover schools close to you wherein you have the right to take the check at. It’s the school’s project to register and schedule your trial and error date. 


The SAT is one of the two main college admissions exams. Many students take this exam throughout their junior or an elderly years. The check scores can help college join officials identify if you must be accepted. In addition, the test scores have the right to make girlfriend eligible to receive merit-based gaue won aid. The higher your check scores, the more chances girlfriend will need to receive public and also private scholarships. 

There are three develops of satellite tests: satellite (without essay), SAT v essay, and SAT topic Test.

If you obtain up early on a Saturday morning to take the sat (not the subject Test), you will encounter three simple sections, which space reading, writing, and math. In the test room, anyone will acquire 3 hours and also 50 minutes to finish the exam. This includes 50 minutes because that the optional essay. Essentially, the math ar is split into 2 sections: one with a calculator and also one without. The math section covers straightforward arithmetic, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, and also data analysis. Store in mind the on test day, girlfriend will need to carry an authorized calculator in addition to other school supplies such as two No. 2 pencils v erasers. 

Your satellite score can range from 400 come 1600, v 1600 representing a perfect score. Her score comes from adding the math ar (a score from 200 come 800), come the reading and also writing section, i beg your pardon can likewise have a score native 200 come 800.

If you arrangement to take it the SAT throughout the 2020-2021 school year, the cost will be $49.50 for the option without the essay and $64.50 through the essay. The most you will certainly pay for individual subject Tests will be $26. Shortly you and also your family members will start to wonder what is the best course of activity in regards to paying because that the SAT. The great news is that low-income students may qualify because that a dues waiver regimen which consists of not paying the testing price at all. Click below to learn more about the cost and fee waiver program for the SAT.

Registering for the SAT has never to be easier. You can complete the registration procedure with her parents or counselor. However, remember the your parents or counselor can’t it is registered for you. The registration procedure must be perfect by you but you can have at a second person overseeing that you get in the correct information, check out things carefully, etc. The procedure consists of a few steps that will certainly ensure the best possible outcome. 

When you acquire to the final stages the the registration process, you will certainly be asked to select your testing date and also location. At that stage, you will certainly be offered seven days to choose from due to the fact that the test is offered only seven times each school year.

Now that you have a check date and also location, girlfriend are more than likely wondering, “How can I prepare because that this test?”, and also you are not alone. Countless students like you feel overwhelmed as soon as thinking the what next procedures to require to ensure effective results. To help guide girlfriend in this horrible journey, we placed together a how to prepare for the sat guide. 


Like the SAT, the act test additionally plays an essential role in her college admissions decision. Although standardized tests are just a part of your college application, a an excellent score on the ACT deserve to supplement your application and help you get wonderful financial assist package from your college of choice.

Similar come the SAT, you have the right to take the ACT throughout your junior or an elderly year that high school. This exam is commonly offered about six times per year, but you are allowed to take it approximately 12 times throughout your high institution career. 

The plot is a bit different when compared to the SAT.

For starters, the test is composed of four multiple-choice part which incorporate an optional essay section that part colleges may require. If you opt to take this, you’ll have to write an review and evaluation of a series of perspectives ~ above a debate-worthy issue. The four sections are English, math, reading, and also science. You have to expect to take it the exam in that precise same order due to the fact that it’s consistent. Fairly than trial and error your biology or chemistry knowledge, the science section tests your critical thinking an abilities in a scientific context. The math portion covers straightforward arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. In contrast to the SAT, you are enabled to usage a calculator for the whole math section of the ACT. 

Your act score can range from 1 to 36. Each of the 4 sections is scored separately on a range of 1 to 36, and your last score is a composite of all four. That method that fantastic score can lug up your overall score, if one negative score can carry down the total.

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Register because that the action without writing for simply $50.50 or v writing for simply $67.00. If you and also your household cannot afford the registration fee, you may be eligible for an ACT dues Waiver as lengthy as you meet these requirements:

Currently enrolled in high institution in the 11th or 12th grade.Be testing in the US, united state territories, or Puerto Rico.Meet one or more indicators of financial need provided on the ACT fee Waiver form

To it is registered for a test day at a certain location, click here. Preparing because that the plot is very similar to the satellite preparations however to get detailed instructions on just how to prepare because that it, examine out this article. 

It’s necessary to represent that if you qualify because that the fees waiver for both the ACT and also SAT, you will receive the voucher/form from your high institution counselor and also not directly from every organization. Additionally, every time you it is registered for both tests you have the right to send her scores come up to four colleges/universities in ~ a time. 

Finally, while friend aren’t forced to take all 3 of these typical exams, gaining a good score on every could aid pay because that college. Uncover out which exam your college of choice prefers, and start preparing as shortly as possible.