In the language, what room the appropriate terms because that a female wolf and also a woman owl; maybe "she wolf" and "owl hen"?

Are there distinctive or different words in offered for feminine? I confirm in Wikipedia +other websites but found only "she-wolf" and "owl-hen".

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You used to have actually wolfess, currently an antiquated term. She-wolf or female wolf space the terms commonly used:

Wolfess, the middle ages term for a she-wolf, is currently rarely provided in current Day except to average a woman that is sexually aggressive.

(Studies in linguistic Variation and also Change: from Old to center

Female owl is the an ext common term as much as owl is concerned; “hen owl” shows up to it is in a more informal expression.


The trouble with the words you are looking for (as seen through the price bitch for a female dog) is that those words are normally assigned come husbanded animals.

Hen / rooster, cow / bull, mare / stallion, etc.

Edit: adding a generic "ess" is the tantamount of speak "female of" and also in this situation your best choices seem to it is in "she wolf" or "wolfess" and "hen owl"


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