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A centenarian is someone who is 100 years old or older.

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Centenarian can additionally be provided as an adjective to explain someone who 100 or older, as in The ceremony honored centenarian veterans, or things regarded such a person, together in i have entered my centenarian years. 

It’s among several similar terms used to describe a human being of a details age, including quadragenarian (40s), quinquagenarian (50s), sexagenarian (60s), septuagenarian (70s), octogenarian (80s), and also nonagenarian (90s).

Someone that is 110 years or older can be referred to as a supercentenarian. Actually, if you’re 110 or older, you have the right to be dubbed whatever girlfriend want.

Example: i can’t believe I’m going to it is in a centenarian—tomorrow I revolve 100!

Where does centenarian come from?

Centenarian comes from the Latin word centenāri(us), native centēn(ī), meaning “a hundred each,” native cent(um), “one hundred.” The suffix -an is used to indicate a human being (as seen in common words favor pedestrian and also historian).

Living to it is in 100 is becoming an ext common, but it’s still somewhat rare. The word centenarian is often used in solemn event of the achievement, or as a an elaborate or fun way of referring to someone of that age. As lot fun as it is to say, it’s perhaps more often offered in writing. It’s additionally used in the paper definition of highlighting a human who’s act something that might be surprising for your age, as in These centenarians that still exercise every day never ever cease to admire me.

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How is centenarian used in real life?

Centenarian is frequently used in a celebratory way.

Is 100 the new 80? Centenarians room becoming an ext common #demographics #population #ageing lifeexpectancy

— world Economic Forum (
wef) July 18, 2020

I'm vacating my residence for 2 weeks to offer it come a colleague to self-isolate and also moving in with Grandma Hopper. I suspect all type of Bosom buddy hijinks will soon follow, other than with centenarian war widows.

— Tristin Hopper (
TristinHopper) July 21, 2020

For Vermonter jane Curtis, patriotism method protest. The centenarian activist has actually spent her life fighting because that the causes and also country she believes in. Https://

— The Christian science Monitor (
csmonitor) July 15, 2020

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Is centenarian used correctly in the adhering to sentence?

I can’t think I’m nearing my centenarian years—40 seems prefer yesterday.

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How to use centenarian in a sentence

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British interpretations for centenarian

/ (ˌsɛntɪˈnɛərɪən) /
a human being who is at the very least 100 year old
being at the very least 100 years old
of or relating come a centenarian


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