edit: phibìc america is break-up up into 6 timezones starting from the east, Newfoundland (-3.5 GMT), Atlantic (-4), east (-5), central (-6), mountain (-7), Pacific (-8).

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Why don"t they ever before list PST/PDT? ns recall once I was lot younger and also at the time, ns never understood what 9/8C meant until someone defined it come me.

Why don"t they ever list PST/PDT? i recall as soon as I was much younger and also at that time, i never construed what 9/8C meant until someone defined it come me.

Because the present would be displayed at the same time as eastern time - if it"s a element time show, it"s shown at 9PM in the east timezone and also 9PM in the pacific timezone (they wouldn"t present it in ~ the very same "time" as that would be 6PM PST when it"s 9PM EST). Usually only live events (sports, concerts, political events) are shown at the very same "time" across the US.

Usually just live occasions (sports, concerts, political events) are presented at the exact same "time" throughout the US.

There room 9 time area in the US:


From eastern To West, These area Are:

Eastern typical Time (EST; GMT−5; zone R), i m sorry comprises approximately the claims on the Atlantic shore plus part other locations away native both the Gulf of Mexico and also the Mississippi River.

Central conventional Time (CST; GMT−6; region S), which comprises about the says on the Mississippi flow plus almost a full state more west.

Mountain conventional Time (MST; GMT−7; zone T), which comprises approximately the says that include the continental Divide and also Rocky mountains plus lot of the great Basin and also the watershed that the Colorado River.

Pacific typical Time (PST; GMT−8; region U), i m sorry comprises roughly the says on the Pacific coast, add to Nevada.

Zones supplied in states beyond the contiguous USA

Alaska conventional Time (AKST; GMT−9; ar V), i beg your pardon comprises many of the state that Alaska.

Hawaii-Aleutian typical Time (or unofficially Hawaii traditional Time) (HST; GMT−10; ar W), which has Hawaii and also most that the size of the Aleutian archipelago chain (west that 169?30"W).

Zones exterior the joined States:

Atlantic traditional Time> (AST, GMT−4, zone Q), which comprises Puerto Rico and also the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Samoa traditional Time> (GMT−11, region X), i beg your pardon comprises American Samoa.

Chamorro conventional Time> (GMT+10, zone K), i beg your pardon comprises Guam and also the northern Mariana Islands.

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