I was asked recently about the function of a turbo timer. To answer ‘what is a turbo timer?’ we an initial need to have actually a rapid look at what a turbo does.

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What go a turbo do?

Turbochargers use the flow of exhaust gases out of an engine to journey a turbine to compress air in the intake and also force it right into the engine. An ext air method more oxygen which, when coupled with much more fuel means a much more powerful explosion and so much more power the end of the engine. They can spin at end 200,000 rpm and room lubricated and cooled by engine oil. Some also have water cooling.

I introduce this video clip if you’d favor a more detailed explanation that a turbocharger.

Why do turbo timers exist? premature birth turbo wear!

If a turbocharged automobile has been driven on boost for any type of length of time, the turbo can suffer (premature wear) if the engine is switched off directly away afterwards. Shutting the engine off stops the oil feed to the turbo. After a period of ‘spirited’ driving that is valuable to leave the engine to run on tickover, to ensure the warm turbo has actually a ongoing flow the oil (and coolant if it’s additionally water cooled) come cool that down.

What does a turbo timer do?

The turbo timer measures how much boost has been used, for just how long and how freshly in the journey. That is wired in come the ignition circuit or ECU and can ‘take over’ control of the ignition switch. As soon as you revolve the ignition off, the timer overrides this and also keeps the engine running. That counts down for yet long it deems crucial to cool the turbo. If you’ve to be pootling around, this will be short. If you’ve simply come off the motorway or driven the car hard, it might be several minutes. This time can be a addressed preset amount if girlfriend prefer.

Do friend really require a turbo timer?

We’ve seen that turbo timers help you look after her turbo. But do you require one? No, friend don’t need one. You might just train you yourself to certain you enable the engine to operation for a pair of minutes at the finish of every journey.

However, looking ~ the turbo is important. If a turbo timer helps you remember to do the above, I’d suggest it might be a worthwhile addition. Together with regular oil changes with good quality oil.

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Are turbo timers appropriate if friend don’t have a performance car? Yes, they are relevant for any car with a turbo, although they room most frequently found on power cars.