The Audi TT is among the brand’s above models. But three generations on, carry out you know what the letters TT actually stand for?

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The letters TT are brief for Isle of guy Tourist Trophy, which is an annual motorcycle race held usually held in May and June. Between 1949 and 1976, the race was a component of the motorcycle grand Prix.

This naturally leads come the question: Why is the four-wheel Audi coupe and also convertible called after a bicycle race?

The TT is so called to honour NSU’s motorcycle division, i m sorry raced in the event. After ~ a damaging run of reliability problems with its rotary engines, NSU was bought by Volkswagen in 1969 and immediately folded right into its Auto Union.

Auto Union later determined to offer vehicles just under its Audi brand, although it retain the four interlocking rings logo design that celebrates the 4 original constituent brands of the Auto Union.


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