Classification is characterized as the systematic arrangement of the objects in groups or categories follow to fixedcriteria. The is a component of afundamental pre-number finding out concept. To compare items according tosimilarities and also differences falls under classification. There are various aspects that we have the right to teach children with helpof classification. The three major factors are:

It help in identifying objectsorliving organisms.It help in understanding and also studying the features, similarities, and also differences between different objects.It tells us about how the objects room grouped and also categorized under different categories.

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1.What is group in Math?
2.Ways of Classification
3.Solved instances on Classification
4.Practice concerns on Classification
5.FAQs top top Classification

What is group in Math?

Classification means arranging or sorting objects into groups on the communication of a common property the they have. If you have actually a group of things, such as fruits or geometric shapes, you deserve to classify them based on the home that lock possess. For example, you can classify the to apologize in one category, the bananas in another, and also so on. Similarly, geometric shapes deserve to be classified together triangles, quadrilaterals, and so on. Permit us know this with one more example. If you space asked to recognize the relation in between the given pairs ~ above either next of \(: :\) and you require to uncover the lacking figure native the four choices given, deserve to you execute it?


Here the exact enhance is a 'ball', which is alternative A.

Classification is ideal introduced using color counters. Kids can be asked to classify the counters as per their colors.We need to recognize one comparable property in a given set of state or figures and also then find the weird one out.Try to know the relationship in between thegroups and then begin categorizing them.Find out the missing part in the analogy to determine the odd one.

Ways that Classification

Classification deserve to be excellent on the communication of various parameters. It might be various colors of objects, various sizes, etc.Let us explore different waysof classification along with classification examples.

Classification ~ above the basis of size.Classification on the basis of color.

Classification top top the communication of Shape

Based ~ above the form of objects, they have the right to be classified into various known categories. For example, watch the adhering to shapes and try to share them.


All the shapes have the right to beclassified not only according come their form but also according to their sides.


As you have the right to see, we have actually classified all the shapes according to their number of sides.

Quadrilaterals- classified in the classification of four-sided figures.Triangles- divide in the classification of three-sided figures.

Let us discover how group can be done on the basis of size

Classification on the communication of Size

Observe the one in the figure together with their arrangement. Every the circlesare i ordered it in the boosting order of your size. The smallest one is placed very first followedby the bigger one and so on.


Classification on the basis of Color

Let us separate the circlesaccording to their shade now. In the above figure, we had 6 one of different sizes. If us classify lock on the basis of their color, we have three circles of green and three the blue. Us can further arrange this circles in the raising order of their size.

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Classification ~ above the communication of Numbers

We can also arrange the given set of objects based on the numbers. Observe the following example. The pillar to the left screens the number from 1 come 4. The obelisk to the right displays the rows of different objects. The numbers are matched come the quantity that castle represent.