When i was young ns remember always hearing colorado for red, yet all the language publications say red is rojo.

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So is shade red in Spanish rojo or colorado?

When ns was young ns remember constantly hearing colorado for red, but all the language publications say red is rojo.

So is shade red in Spanish rojo or colorado?

Hi Mike, fine you certain look young!


Colorado is an ext often provided for expressions, like you can see in the quote above.

Tiene la cabeza colorada. Me pones colorado. Red indigenous blushing

HI Nicole, really funny but you misunderstood, this is colorado:

colorado1 -da adjetivo red; ponerse ~

to blush, rotate red, walk red (BrE) (Méx fam) ‹chiste› risqué colorado2 sustantivo masculino red

Interesting that Spanish referes to it together colorado and also English refers to it as "off-colored". - 0074b507, SEP 8, 2009
I feel stupid! I believed he intended the state the Colorado. Five well, you discover something brand-new every day! - Nicole-B, SEP 8, 2009
There are several red rocks in Colorado... So possibly that is where the name came from. - LuisaGomezBartle, JUL 30, 2010

Colorado is of Spanish origin, an interpretation "colored red." ... The surname was used to the Colorado river due to the fact that of the red sandstone soil of the region, and also came right into use for the entire territory ~ the discovery of yellow in the Pike"s height region. In 1861 congress decided Colorado together the name for the Territory.

Very interesting. Please feel complimentary to begin a brand-new thread. This one has actually not been active since 2010. - 00fac92a, SEP 5, 2017

Colorado "el chapulin colorado" is a funny charactor, mi camisa es roja~my shirt is red. Colorado often used or refered come funny stuff, rojo more of the really color.

The children"s book, Clifford the big Red Dog is also avaialble in Spanish as, Clifford, el grand perro colorado. I had actually learned rojo for red. Why is colorado offered in this instance?

The shade red is rojo.

Colorado is "colored", yet it an ext has the an interpretation of "colored red" together in flush colored or "colored" as in a dirty joke together the thesaurus says.In English we say my confront is "red" when we"re embarassed or astonished, yet "color" is additionally used to signify skin pigmentation in general. In English we provided to speak around "colored" races. Spanish wake up to re-superstructure our use of colorado in the blushing context and in the off-color joke context.I trying to remember if I have actually seen "buen colorado" come mean healthy or rosy cheeked.Long story short, rojo is red, colorado is red fancy in specific contexts.

This inquiry is noted under "Vocabulary and Grammar", yet it sounds an ext like a riddle or joke. Ns think it would be beneficial if girlfriend let us know what specifically you mean in bespeak to have actually your inquiry answered.

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Nicole ─ ns tried to find for "colorado" in the flashcards and also could not discover it. What is the URL you referred to under "Vocabulary and Grammar?" i think I require re-training. - Moe, SEP 8, 2009
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