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This is something the you really have to watch out for as soon as you’re shopping and comparing Diamonds and Quality

The difference between Carats and also Carat total Weights!

The 2 are entirely different things, however if you’re no careful, you could be mislead and think you’re obtaining a an excellent deal, when in fact, you’re NOT!


Carat, or Carat Weight have the right to be created as CT (Carat), or CW (Carat Weight). The true an interpretation of Carat (CT) is: the Carat load of any type of Diamond. If a Diamond is 50 points, then it’s 1/2 Carat. If the Diamond is 25 points, it’s 1/4 Carat.

When you’re looking at Solitaire (single) Diamonds, comparing Carat Weights is easy.

You have the right to compare any kind of 80 suggest Diamond in ~ one store, to an additional 80 point Diamond in ~ another and find out who is offering you the better deal. No problem!

Carat Weights room simple. A One Carat Diamond is a Diamond through 100 clues (like 100 Pennies amounts to One Dollar).

So through Solitaire Engagement Rings, Carats room easy and also everybody is top top the very same page.

Carat full Weights room NOT for this reason easy!

Carat full Weights

Carat total Weight deserve to be created as CTW (Carat complete Weight), CWT (Carat weight Total) and sometimes even TW (Total Weight) or TDW (Total Diamond Weight).

When you see Carat full Weight after ~ a number (like .80 CTW), that method that it’s the total merged weight the all the Diamonds in the ring. It’s the Carat weight of everything.

You won’t uncover CTW noted on a Solitaire Ring, but you will view it provided if the Ring or Mounting has side Diamonds, or if the Ring is a Wedding set (both Engagement Ring and Wedding Ring).

CTW method every Diamond in the ring has actually been added together together one and also the total weight is given.

Look in ~ the photo below to check out the difference in between a 1.00 CT Diamond Ring and also a couple of various other Rings that have 1.00 CTW.


As girlfriend can plainly see, the 1.00 suggest Diamond Solitaire has One substantial Diamond ($10,000), when the various other rings (CTW) have actually smaller stones that accumulate the very same weight.

In the instances above, every the Diamonds space VS1, F Color, however the distinction in price is extreme! $7,000 difference?

More is Less

The much more your Carat weight is broken up right into smaller Diamonds, the cheaper the price will be.

That’s why Invisible collection Diamonds space so popular… They give the photo of a enlarge Diamond, however without the price! Invisible collection Diamonds are tiny Diamonds pieced together choose a puzzle to look like a larger Diamond (see photo below).

Illusion heads space the same way, yet with illusion heads (which have been around forever and also used typically in Trio Sets) the Diamond in the center IS smaller. And also sometimes it gets really small. The head it sit in is big and gives the illusion the the Diamond is much bigger. Big look, cheap price as you have the right to see indigenous the examples and prices below…


Buying Diamonds choose this is great, as lengthy as you recognize that the Carat Weights space distributed and maybe also a little deceiving. It’s when you don’t know, that you might get taken (misinformed).

I had actually a girl come into the store not too long ago, to compare Wedding Sets. She claimed she witnessed a “One Carat that offered for $2999“. I asked she if that was “One Carat in the center of the ring, or One Carat complete Weight of the entire set?”

She didn’t know!

How have the right to one shop and also compare if they don’t understand what they’re shopping and also comparing?

This ingredient is important and the difference in price might be thousands.

I might show friend a Diamond Ring v One Carat complete Weight (50 small Diamonds) that sells for just $799

The bottom heat is:

You need to be careful once you price Carats and Carat total Weights!

If girlfriend really desire to compare Diamonds and Quality, you’ll have to know what the Carat Weights space of everything involved.

Get the Carat load of the center Diamond first. That’s the most crucial Carat Weight. Then gain the Carat load of the next stones. Compose them down on a business card because that reference later like this:

.85 Marquise (GIA Certified), VS1, F.50 CTW next Diamonds, SI1-SI2, G

With this sort of info, you could compare apples come apples and also see who provides you a far better deal.

But if you just went come a store and said the Carat weight was 1.35, then I have a emotion you might be lacking out on some Great Diamond Savings!

One jewelry Store could have a 1/4 Carat in the facility of the set and 50 points about it. If the completing store could have 1/2 Carat in the center and 25 points around it. That’s a huge difference in looks and price! The rings room the specific same Carat Weight, yet one will be much less in price.

Which one is the better deal? The one through the bigger Diamond holds an ext value, however it really relies on what girlfriend like and how much you desire to spend.

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No issue what, to compare Carats come Carats and Carat complete Weights with like Carat Weights. It’s the only means to be sure.

CT or CTW?

Look at the tag. All this details should it is in listed. If not, ask! You require to understand this!