What is the origin of the phrase "do me a solid"?The meaning I am referring to:

do me a solid

do something because that someone as an action of kindness; execute someone a favor.

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Example usage:

Hey Bob, deserve to you do me a solid and aid me relocate out of my apartment?

An attempt at googling this found really different answers varying from Seinfeld to medicine usage.



Do me a solid meaning "do me a favor" (ODO) is an AmE slang expression whose origin, regardless of its current usage, remains unclear. The concern is why "solid" concerned mean "favour". Amongst different hypotheses (solid an interpretation drugs, for instance) the "truncation" one shows up the most interesting. Execute me a hard "favour" is likewise predated by expression like, "do me a solid "service". Earliest usages date earlier to the "60s, yet the expression was made well-known by a TV show in the 1990s. The complying with extract has the story:

Semantic/pragmatic note: some commenters ~ above the net treat solid just as a stylistic different of favor — and also a couple of consequently deride it together needless slang — however some human being see a ethereal difference between the two, through favor suggesting reciprocity (do me a favor, I’ll do one for you) and solid conveying a commitment without expectation of payback.

Historical note: The use is particularly American and also is associated with the young and hip. New Partridge has cites earlier to 1973 (in Connie Eble’s compilation that UNC college slang). Some sources suggest that the origin of solid ‘favor’ lies in medicine use (from heavy ‘drug in resin form’, maybe truncated indigenous solid dope or solid hash). Here’s one potential example of hard in a drug context:

“Say, you like sick, prefer you require a solve / maybe I deserve to do part solids because that you.” (Dennis Wepman et al., The Life, 1976, quote in new Partridge)

New Partridge has this under solid ‘favour’ however it seems an ext likely to be a medicine use. The semantic advancement from ‘solid dope’ come ‘favor’ is difficult to work out, and also solid might easily arise together a nouning through truncation independently in various contexts: indigenous solid N (N = dope, hash, etc.) in a drug context, indigenous something choose solid favor in other contexts — and, indeed, from solid pipe in still various other contexts and also from hard N (N = dope ‘information’, information, etc.).

(Enter Kramer) KRAMER: Hey. Hey, would you execute me a solid? JERRY: Well, what kind of solid? KRAMER: I need you come sit in the car for 2 minutes while the double-parked. Ns gotta pick up some birds. JERRY: Birds? <…> JERRY: i can’t. Ns on my way out. Yes sir no method I have the right to do it. KRAMER: George, do me a solid? 2 minutes. GEORGE: Well, ns going v him. I’d like to, I’ve never done a hard before. KRAMER: Alright.. Yeah..

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Alright, have actually a good one. (Kramer leaves)