Dreams around Kissing her Ex-Boyfriend or Ex-Girlfriend

Dreaming that you space kissing one ex-partner deserve to be yes, really shocking. To add to the confusion, over there are loads of explanations (many that which are contradictory) around why this could have happened. Upon exploration of what might have brought about you to personally have this type of dream, girlfriend will uncover that that doesn't issue if friend are single or taken and also happy in your current relationship (or unhappy), this form of dream is very common. Let's talk about what's going on in her psyche and put an end to several of the man or guilt you can be feeling.

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Oftentimes, kissing your ex simply method that you are being reminded of few of the traits that they possess that you've identified in someone rather (your present crush) or in yourself. Even though you might be seemingly attractive to her ex in your dream, you might be projecting your attraction to these identifiable traits and simply using your ex together a tool for her expression the liking. It's likewise true that in part cases, you might still have actually feelings for her ex or could not have actually experienced complete closure as soon as the relationship concerned an end. This is common, yet not have to the just explanation.

Dreaming about your ex does no necessarily average you want them back. This type of dream might simply be pointing to facets you recall indigenous a previous relationship the you are missing in her current, or a have to feel as though you've had actually closure. If anything, try introducing part love and also romance in your existing relationship.


1. Your Ex Initiated the Kiss

If her ex initiated the kiss, this can be the universe's way of reminding you the there are unresolved feelings in between the two of you and also perhaps her ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend is tho seeking a connection with you.

Did You favor It?

How you felt about the kiss is equally important. Go you reap it? to be it sensual, loving, tender, or pleasing? Alternatively, did you feeling nothing, feel annoyed, unattracted come them, confused, or guilty prefer you cheated ~ above your current partner?

If her reaction come the kiss to be positive and mutual, you can have unresolved feelings in the direction of your ex or also simply be seeking out the feelings the were when felt between you two in your present life. This means that while friend aren't necessarily unhappy in your current relationship, you can be craving an ext sensuality, romance, and connection with your present love. There's nothing to feeling guilty about here, it's just your mind informing you what you would like. Use it to guide your existing waking life.

2. Friend Initiated the Kiss

If you initiated the kiss, this likely way that you are seeking romantic link in life. That does not typical you space necessarily seeking it through your ex, but your mind is going back to the last time and also place the you were romantically associated to someone or familiar with romantic link (i.e. With your ex). Because of this, your mind is go you v the emotions the what it felt or feels like to go after a physical link with someone. Your mind is actually saying that your ex feel familiar and also safe (it's favor going through the muscle memory of a kiss). You could not even like your ex, yet it's a way for your mind and what's hidden in your psyche come surface and also tell you the at this phase in your life, you can do v a little much more romantic connection and also pleasure to truly feeling happy and also fulfilled.

This could likewise mean that your present relationship is doing not have physical connection and intimacy. You can love your current partner and also maybe your relationship is exorbitant in plenty of ways, yet you might use a small bump in the romance department.


What kind of Kiss to be It?

Unexpected: This can mean that you will shortly experience a brand-new romance that will bring about solid emotions, similar to those that you skilled in the past. Space you right now crushing someone?Kissing on her wedding day: If you space kissing her ex on your wedding work (if you have actually plans to marry someone else choose your existing partner), this might mean that your present fiancé reminds friend of your ex-boyfriend. This is no all too uncommon considering we choose comparable partners in a lifetime.Mutual kiss: A common kiss likely way the you have actually unresolved feelings for one another. You could be denying reality and also your true feelings for your partner. Regularly this means you 2 felt like the relationship ended abruptly there is no closer. Consider reaching out to castle if the partnership was a healthy one and also the time is right this time around.Seeing you yourself kiss them: If you are watching you yourself kiss one ex, the emphasis of this form of kiss might be an ext on the fact that you are giving of love. You could actually be neglecting yourself and also your relationship with self in waking life, and also perhaps if her ex was comparable to you, you are serving as a mirroring board because that your me worth; let this is it is in a reminder the that and what friend deserve.

What go It median if You feeling Guilty ~ the Kiss?

It's essential that you pay fist to just how the kiss made friend feel. If girlfriend are currently in a relationship and also the kiss made you feel guilty, that can be since you felt favor it was emotional or psychological cheating. However, don't beat you yourself up. This kind of dream is very, very common. If anything, the is a healthy expression of your level of interest in romance. It can be remind you that you and your current honey should slow down and also spend part time together.

If you actually chosen the kiss and also interaction and also are emotion guilty due to the fact that of that, you can need to reevaluate your feelings in the direction of your current partner. Are you 2 really destined to monitor the exact same path? Is the attraction there? room you treating each other well and also is the love still alive? serious think about these complicated questions.

The Dream can Indicate that You room Seeking a Resolution

It's also feasible that the 2 of friend (you and also your ex) never had actually an chance to do amends. If girlfriend both moved on to new relationships and also never had actually a moment to nearby your current chapter or say your goodbyes in a healthy manner, her mind could be revisiting these moments of the past to surface ar emotions the you still require to procedure and detach native in a healthy manner. Remember, you were once partners, no matter what happened. At one allude in time there to be love or connection and attraction there, and that will constantly be a component of your dynamic no issue how much along you've moved on and how much you hate them or wanted to forget around them and move on.

Dreams are What You make of Them

Remember, every dream is various for every individual. There is really no true cookie cutter mold for deciphering a dream. You might find the you watched a romantic movie the night before, therefore, you had actually a dream filled v romance. Perhaps you received a text from your previous flame or crush and also were reminded that a positive memory you when shared. Possibly you are single and are starting to date, and the believed of a potential connection lugged you to this room in her mind. That really relies on what you require in this minute now, so really take into consideration your unique perspective and feelings as soon as extrapolating from a dream around kissing your ex. There's really no ideal or not correct answer.


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Laynie H (author) native Bend, Oregon top top October 23, 2020:

Hi Hertha, I'm glad you found this helpful. Certainly makes sense once you look in ~ it indigenous the perspective of desiring something—that the ex or human being is just an expression of it. Thanks for the read!

Hertha David indigenous Windhoek, Namibia ~ above October 22, 2020:

I had actually a dream kissing my crushes but not mine ex, yet I to be dreaming around someone i was yes, really in love with however I was currently in a situationship through someone else so ns was candid confused yet I learnt the something to be just absent from my present relationship and also I just had actually to figure it out.