In modern society we might take because that granted the old wives story we hear. They are just sayings, right?
I have to admit, I"m a little superstitious once it comes to some the them. Because that example, yesterday my appropriate hand to be itching. Ns told hubs and like a true man he replied, "Then scratch it." He gave me the "you silly hick" look when I said him i couldn"t. The knew what to be coming; another southern saying that just us folks from the deep south understand.
If the palm the your best hand is itchy, money will certainly be coming your way. But, if you scrape the best hand while that is itchy, it’ll keep the money from coming.
If the left hand is itchy, you will certainly be payment money to someone, and also you should scratch away to do away v the payments.

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Well, not to gloat (I"m gloating, gloating, gloating), yet my right palm was itching last night. I defined the "silly superstition" to hubs; withstood his guffaws and disbelief. Not twenty minute later, as I ran to the save to choose up a few things I also brought in ours lotto tickets from the weekend before. Yep, i won $24.50! Not specifically the jackpot, but far-ranging enough come prove my "silly hick" point.
This sparked my curiosity at various other old wives tales. There are quite a few that I"ve heard farming up. There are even more that I"ve never ever heard of till surfing the web last night. Below are part I discovered interesting and also links complying with to take to you the longest flippin web domain I"ve ever seen! examine it out:


If you do not wish your spirit to escape while sneezing friend should place your hand over your mouth.

Be certain that someone claims “God Bless you” once you sneeze to drive the evil one away or he may get in your body.

Here space the old wives tales for every work of the week and also the meaning of your sneeze:

Monday means danger. Tuesday method you will kiss a stranger Wednesday method you will receive a letterThursday means something far better is comingFriday method sorrow. Saturday way you will see your love tomorrow. Sunday method that the adversary will be in regulate over you all week long.

Even how many times friend sneeze in a row has actually meaning:

Sneeze as soon as for sorrow. Sneeze double for joy. Sneeze three times for a letter. Sneeze four times for a boy. Sneeze five times for silver. Sneeze six times because that gold. Sneeze 7 times for a an enig that will never be told.


The old wives tale says that you have to not tattoo the name of your lover on your skin, or the connection is destined to fail.DROPPING SILVERWARE:
If you drop a spoon, a infant is coming/someone in your family members is walking to have a baby.

If friend drop a fork, a woman is coming. When you fall a fork that way that a woman is comes to your door. It might be a friend, a household member, or also just a delivery person.

If you drop a knife, a guy is coming. This is the very same as because that dropping a fork only it will certainly be a man.

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If you always pick up scorched matches rather of leaving lock laying friend will find money.When friend peel onions, burn them and you will never by empty handed.At the stroke of midnight on brand-new Years Eve, while holding money in one hand, kneel and pray and also you will have actually money the staying of the year.If you check out a shooting star, say money, money, money and also you will soon receive money.If you view bubbles in the rain, girlfriend will receive a most money.

Wrap a coin in document and bring it through you this will make certain you never ever go broke.

If you make money top top Monday, store it and the amount will certainly increase during the remainder that the week.