Spanish Verb LAVAR: to wash

The Spanish verb lavar means "to wash " and also is a continual Spanish AR verb.

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To remember this, imagine lover love to wash dishes in LAVA! There are over 6500 Spanish -AR verb which do no changes to the stem in any type of tense. During January a brand-new regular -AR verb is featured each day to permit you come consolidate the constant AR verb family. You will learn other constant verbs such as congelar, culpar, empatar, guiar, and others.I uncover that the fastest and also easiest way to learn and REMEMBER brand-new Spanish words is with memory cause cartoon pictures. It provides them harder come forget.Read on, below the LAVAR verb table... to wash: lavarImagine LOVERS loveto wash bowl in LAVA!VERB conjugation TABLE lavarSimple tense lavarTENSEyoél, ella, ustednosotrosvosotrosellos, ellas, ustedesPresentPresentewashlavolavaslavalavamoslaváislavanImperfectImperfectowashedlavabalavabaslavabalavábamoslavabaislavabanPreteritPretéritowashedlavélavastelavólavamoslavasteislavaronFutureFuturowill washlavarélavaráslavarálavaremoslavaréislavaránConditionalCondicionalwould washlavaríalavaríaslavaríalavaríamoslavaríaislavaríanSubjunctiveSubjuntivomay washlavelaveslavelavemoslavéislavenImperfect SubjunctiveImperfecto de Subjuntivomay washlavaralavaraslavaralaváramoslavaraislavaranlavaselavaseslavaselavásemoslavaseislavasenImperative time form lavarImperativeImperativowash!¡lava!¡lave!¡lavemos!¡lavad!¡laven!Negative ImperativeImperativo Negativodon"t wash!¡no laves!¡no lave!¡no lavemos!¡no lavéis!¡no laven!Compound tense lavar - past Participle lavado - washedPresent PerfectPerfecto de Indicativohave washedhe lavadohas lavadoha lavadohemos lavadohabéis lavadohan lavadoPreterit PerfectPretérito Anteriorhad washedhube lavadohubiste lavadohubo lavadohubimos lavadohubisteis lavadohubieron lavadoPast PerfectPluscuamperfectohad washedhabía lavadohabías lavadohabía lavadohabíamos lavadohabíais lavadohabían lavadoPresent Perfect SubjunctivePresente perfectohave washedhaya lavadohayas lavadohaya lavadohayamos lavadohayáis lavadohayan lavadoFuture PerfectFuturo Perfectowill have actually washedhabré lavadohabrás lavadohabrá lavadohabremos lavadohabréis lavadohabrán lavadoConditional PerfectCondicional Perfectowould have actually washedhabría lavadohabrías lavadohabría lavadohabríamos lavadohabríais lavadohabrían lavadoPluperfectPluscuamperfectomay have washedhubiera lavadohubieras lavadohubiera lavadohubiéramos lavadohubierais lavadohubieran lavadohubiese lavadohubieses lavadohubiese lavadohubiésemos lavadohubieseis lavadohubiesen lavadoProgressive Tenses: existing Participle lavando - washingPresent ProgressivePresente Progressivoam washingestoy lavandoestás lavandoestá lavandoestamos lavandoestá lavandoestán lavandoPreterit ProgressivePretéritowas washingestuve lavandoestuviste lavandoestuvo lavandoestuvimos lavandoestuvisteis lavandoestuvieron lavandoImperfect ProgressiveImperfectohad been washingestaba lavandoestabas lavandoestaba lavandoestábamos lavandoestabais lavandoestaban lavandoFuture ProgressiveFuturo Perfectowill be washingestaré lavandoestarás lavandoestará lavandoestaremos lavandoestaréis lavandoestarán lavandoConditional ProgressiveCondicional perfectowould"ve been washingestaría lavandoestarías lavandoestabría lavandoestaríamos lavandoestaríais lavandoestarían lavandoSubjunctive ProgressiveSubjuntivomay"ve to be washingque ~ lavandoque ~ lavandoque ~ lavandoque ~ lavandoque ~ lavandoque ~ lavando much more Spanish Lessons prefer the Spanish verb LAVAR | include Daily Spanish great to her Website cost-free MORE ~ above the SPANISH VERB lavar

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lavar can additionally mean: to to wash away.lavarse (vr): to to wash oneself, to have actually a wash.lavarse los dientes: come clean one"s teeth.lavar a máquina: to machine wash.
el lavaropas (nm): washing machine.el lavaparabrisas (nm): windscreen washer.el lavaojos (nm): eye bath.el lavaplatos / el lavazas (nm): dishwasher.
lavar el cerebro: brainwash.lavar dinero come money launder.
vos replaces - you, informal, singular - - in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and additionally in some nations of main America. Sometimes it likewise replaces the formal singular "Usted".In regular AR verbs, the conjugations remain the same as for except for the addition of accents in the adhering to tenses:Presente: vos lavásImperativo: ¡lavá!

HOW TO dominate SPANISH VERB shortcut

The Spanish verb for to wash lavar is an Regular AR verb.Learn come conjugate lavar and also it will reinforce this regular pattern. The same uses to the miscellaneous patterns. Every month we feature a daily verb from one of the significant pattern groups.Repeating these tables aloud 10 time throughout the day will far better embed the patterns into your subconscious, and also your lengthy term memory.Reciting big is a good way for you to exercise your pronunciation, and also helps you come memorize the conjugations.

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There room many an ext Spanish Verb Tables favor this one.YOU can easily add comparable daily Spanish verb great to her website - free by copying and also pasting part code we provide you.You can more easily learn words and verbs choose the Spanish for to wash lavar making use of the methods of the world"s storage Masters.

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