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It"s a popular kind of web slang that Facebook, Instagram, and also other social media users frequently put in a standing update to get more engagement from their friends or followers.


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When supplied in a standing update, Facebook individuals most often lead through the LMS expression (asking your friends to push the like switch on their status) and then incorporate a factor or some type of reward for doing so. They may also use it together a means to acquire friends to get involved in a video game where the poster sends anyone who chosen their standing a personal message, photo or other else.

instances of LMS in use

Using LMS on facebook is just a trendy means to rack up much more likes and also find much more interesting methods to interact with friends. Similar trends exist on other social networks, choose Twitter (RT if you...) and Tumblr (Reblog if you...).

LMS if friend think supernatural is the best show ever!LMS if friend agree Justin Bieber is very talented!LMS if you experienced Mr. Thompson's toupee loss off at school today!
LMS if you want to check out the hilarious pics i took this weekend!LMS if you want my new phone number!LMS if you view this and also don't want to be turned off from my girlfriend list!
LMS if you want me to short article a pic on her profile of an animal that ns think looks like you!LMS if you want me to short article an inspirational quote on her wall!

Unlike few of the much more recent web slang acronyms that have actually popped increase lately, choose BAE and also SMH, the LMS trend has been a on facebook favorite with teens and young adult for years due to the fact that as at an early stage as 2011.

LMS for a TBH

Among the many popular types of LMS write-ups is LMS because that a TBH. If you're not already aware, TBH stand for,​ to be honest.

When someone articles "LMS because that a TBH" ~ above Facebook, it means that they're ready to post an honest opinion the anyone's profile who decides to prefer their status. Part may also specify the they'll likewise rate castle too.

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using LMS

Using LMS in a article of your own can be a good way to rise engagement through friends, but only if they understand what LMS stand for. If they have actually no idea, climate they're no going to know that you want them to prefer your status.