This short article has been updated! Please read the brand-new version here: acquire Out her Twittonary: Twitter abbreviations You must KnowTwitter abbreviations and also acronyms room an odd mash-up of text slang, old college chat room phrases, usual sense short forms and corporate buzzwords. Over there is nothing much more terrible 보다 parsing a client tweet and finding out what you once thought to be a compliment was really a product slam or worse, a medicine reference. (Small an individual anecdote - for the longest time, I assumed HAGN to be some kind of Scandinavian slang for good-bye.)While not fairly a comprehensive dictionary of all things, what follows listed below is a quick-print navard of common Twitter abbreviations. Notice one us missed? We would certainly love to include it and also credit you because that the spot. Just leave a keep in mind for us in the comments.

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Technical Twitter abbreviations:• CC = Carbon-copy. Works the same means as email• CX = Correction• CT = Cuttweet. Another means of saying partial retweet• DM = straight message. A direct-message is a message only you and also the human being who sent it deserve to read• HT = cap tip. This is a way of attributing a attach to an additional Twitter user• MT = amendment tweet. This means the tweet you"re looking at is a paraphrase of a tweet originally written by who else• PRT = Partial retweet. The tweet you"re looking at is the truncated version of someone else"s tweet.• PRT = please retweet, a plea to placed at the end of a tweet• RT = Retweet.

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The tweet you"re spring at was forwarded to you by one more userIndustry Twitter abbreviations:• EM = email Marketing• EZine = electronic Magazine• FB = Facebook• LI = LinkedIn• SEO = find Engine Optimization• SM = social Media• SMM = social Media Marketing• SMO = society Media Optimization• SN = society Network• SROI = social Return ~ above Investment• UGC = User created Content• YT = YouTubeConversational abbreviations:• # = start to a hashtag, or a means of arranging subjects ~ above Twitter• AB/ABT = About• AFAIK = As far as ns know• AYFKMWTS = space you f---ing kidding me with this s---?• B4 = Before• BFN = Bye because that now• BGD = Background• BH = Blockhead• BR = finest regards• BTW = by the way• CD9 = code 9, parents are around• CHK = Check• CUL8R = view you later• DAM = Don"t annoy me• DD = dear daughter• DF = dear fiancé• DP = offered to median "profile pic"• DS = dear son• DYK = Did girlfriend know, carry out you know• EM/EML = Email• EMA = email address• F2F /FTF = challenge to face• FB = Facebook, F--- buddy• FF = monitor Friday• FFS = for F---"s Sake• FML = F--- mine life.• FOTD = discover of the day• FTW = for the win, F--- the world• FUBAR = F---ed up beyond all fix (slang indigenous the us Military)• FWIW = because that what it"s worth.• GMAFB = provide me a f---ing break• GTFOOH = obtain the f--- out of here• GTS = guess: v the song• HAGN = have a an excellent night• HAND = have actually a pretty day• HOTD = headline of the day• HT = Heard through• HTH = Hope the helps• IC = i see• ICYMI = "In situation you let go it," a quick way to apologize for retweeting your own material• IDK = ns don"t know• IIRC = If i remember correctly• IMHO = In my humble opinion.• IRL = In actual life• IWSN = I desire sex now• JK = simply kidding, joke• JSYK = just so you know• JV = joint venture• KK = Kewl kewl, or ok, obtained it• KYSO = Knock her socks off• LHH = Laugh hella difficult (stronger variation of LOL)• LMAO = Laughing my ass off• LMK = allow me know• LO = little One (child)• LOL = Laugh the end loud• MM = Music Monday• MIRL = fulfill in genuine life• MRJN = Marijuana• NBD = No large deal• NCT = nobody cares, though• NFW = No f---ing way• NJoy = Enjoy• NSFW = not safe because that work• NTS = keep in mind to self• five = Overheard• OMFG = oh my f---ing God• OOMF = one of my friends/followers• ORLY = Oh, really?• PLMK = you re welcome let me know• PNP = Party and Play (drugs and also sex)• QOTD = quote of the day• RE = In answer to, in regards to• RLRT = Real-life re-tweet, a close cousin come OH• RTFM = read the f---ing manual• RTQ = read the question• SFW = for sure for work• SMDH = shaking my damn head, SMH, only much more so• SMH = Shaking mine head• SNAFU = instance normal, all f---ed up (slang from the united state Military)• for this reason = far-ranging Other• SOB = son of a B----• SRS = Serious• STFU = close up door the f--- up!• STFW = search the f---ing web!• TFTF = many thanks for the follow• TFTT = thanks for this tweet• TJ = Tweetjack, or joining a conversation belatedly to add to a tangent• TL = Timeline• TLDR/TL;DR = also long, didn"t read• TMB = Tweet me back• TT = Trending topic• TY = say thanks to you• TYIA = give thanks to you in advance• TYT = Take your time• TYVW = say thanks to you really much• W or W/ = With• W/E or us = everything or weekend• WTV = Whatever• YGTR = You gained that right• YKWIM = You know what i mean• YKYAT = You understand you"re addicted to• YMMV = her mileage might vary• YOLO = You only live once• YOYO = You"re on her own• YW = You"re welcome• ZOMG = OMG come the maxCommon hashtags and chats:• #BrandChat = personal chat about branding• #CMAD = neighborhood Manager appreciation Day• #CMGR = ar Manger topic chat• #FB = The user is sending out this post to Facebook• #FF = Short way of saying Follow Friday, or a referral that rather follow the user• #in = the user is sending out this short article to LinkedIn• #LI = This user is sending this article to LinkedIn• #LinkedInChat = For general use questions and also questions about marketing/self-promotion top top LinkedIn• #Mmchat = Marketing and social media chat• #Pinchat = a chat for maximizing Pinterest use• #SMManners = society media manners chat• #SMMeasure = For discussion of analytics and also mesaurement, lead by MarketWire and Syomos• #SMOchat = social Media Optimization chat lead by Stanzr• #SocialChat = social media chat command by SocialParle.• #SocialMedia = one all-inclusive chat because that subjects big and tiny in the topic of social MediaMany thanks to company Insider, Webopedia, and also the Twittonary for their fantastic information that aided pave the means for this Twitter abbreviation compilation and to Mashable for the compilation of society media Twitter chats. Trying to find an explanation that Twitter terms, phrases, neologisms and also slang the go beyond abbreviations? Be sure to click with to view the awesome sources they have actually made available.