The main difference between LX and also EX Honda Accords is simple: LX is the standard base model, while EX is a trim choice that offers more features and also stylistic touches 보다 the LX.

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The EX-L trim choice offers also more good additions based on the EX’s features. Keep reading to learn more about Honda Accord LX vs. EX, and discover i beg your pardon Accord may be finest for you!

LX vs. EX: Features, Interior, and Exterior

Since 1976, the Honda Accord has been sought the end by drivers looking for an affordable, mid-size sedan. Little on the outside and spacious ~ above the inside, the Honda Accord comes in a range of trim and build options, including the standard LX, the EX, and the EX-L. All three of this Accord trim choices offer a comfortable and also reliable control experience, but the small differences in every model’s details are important to think about when planning to lease or finance. 


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LX vs. EX: Features

Both the 2020 LX and also EX Accord models have a push-button start, a function that provided to it is in exclusive come the EX model. Both models additionally feature dual-zone automatic climate control. However, the EX model additionally includes some added entertainment and safety attributes that the LX model doesn’t offer, such together a far engine-start option. 

Entertainment Features

Both the Accord LX and also EX models market plenty that entertainment and comfort functions for drivers and passengers to enjoy. The Accord LX provides the complying with features, which room also obtainable in the EX:

On top of these features, Honda Accord EX buyers will also be able to use either apologize CarPlay™ or Android Auto™, which are not obtainable on the Accord LX models.

Safety Features

LX vs. EX: Interior

While both the Accord LX and also EX have actually comfortable seating, headroom and also legroom for taller passengers, and also leather-wrapped steering wheels, the Accord EX additionally offers cook seats because that cold weather conditions.

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LX vs. EX: Exterior

The main exterior differences between the LX and also EX are the window features. The Accord EX attributes heated power side mirrors for combatting cold climates, and a moonroof. The moonroof is ideal for drivers and also families who enjoy long automobile rides or arrangement to use their Accord for road trips. 

What Is the Difference in between the Accord EX and also EX-L?

Ultimately, the Accord EX-L supplies the same upgrades together the EX v a couple of additional high-end touches. The EX-L features leather-trimmed seats and a 10-speaker stereo mechanism with subwoofers, whereas the EX provides neither of these features. The EX-L is an excellent for motorists looking for the most progressed features feasible in a sedan without a luxury price tag. 

Do various other Honda Models sell EX and also EX-L Models?

Yes! The Honda CR-V and also Civic both come in EX and also EX-L trim options. These are a good option for motorists who want a different Honda design with the exact same upgrades as the Accord EX and also EX-L. You deserve to search Honda’s entire line-up that cars, trucks, and also SUVs to see simply how numerous model and also trim choices there are to choose from. 

Should ns Lease or Finance the Accord LX, EX, or EX-L?

The Accord LX, EX, and also EX-L are all great options for vehicle drivers who want to lease or finance a sedan through high-tech attributes at a reasonable price point. I m sorry Accord is best for you depends on both your way of life needs and your budget. 

If you’re trying to find a budget-friendly Accord that uses all the high-quality basics you have the right to expect indigenous Honda, the LX will accomplish all your needs. If she on the industry for an Accord v these same good base functions with some an essential high-tech additions, climate the EX version is specifically what you looking for. For vehicle drivers looking for an even more advanced, luxurious driving suffer than what the EX offers, the Accord EX-L delivers simply that at a greater price point.

The 2020 Honda Accord LX starts at $24,270 MSRP, while the 2020 Honda Accord EX starts at $28,070 MSRP and also the EX-L starts at $30,570 MSRP. V Honda’s “Build her Own” tool, you deserve to customize your very own ideal Honda Accord the you’ll love come drive! 

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The differences in between LX and EX models are essential for any driver to consider prior to purchasing a brand-new Honda. If you’re tho torn between the LX vs. EX Honda models, contact Superior Honda now to learn an ext about which option is ideal for her driving and also lifestyle needs. Our Honda professionals are prepared to occupational with girlfriend to discover the right vehicle for her needs and budget.