I"d just like to speak there"s not enough Lilo & Stitch talk around here. I was really suprised just how enjoyable the was contrasted to other Disney spinoffs.

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Anyway, do any type of of you males ever try to number out what Stitch"s indigenous mean? they seem constant enough to in reality have meaning behind them, just like the language in mr of the rings or Star Wars. I"m going come sound favor a dope because I"ve just theorized three: "Ehh" means "yes", "naga" method "no" or "negative" and also "bujeeboo" or whatever way something prefer "sweetheart". Have you guys determined anymore?

Stitch"s Language...
Actually, yeah....I do understand a couple of words in Stitch"s language. Soka = SorryOkie-taka = Okey-dokeyGaba = WhatAchi-baba = FriendIky = YuckMeega nala quista/kweesta = (Some type of cheeky or threaten phrase.) over there is so much more.....I agree that there have to be an ext L&STS posts. There room two illustration left prior to season 1 ends, i believe..."Bad Stitch" and another one, which will air Monday, Feb. 9 (no illustration title shown, though...just the description).

Hopefully the series gets choose up for one more 26 episodes, or at least has actually the sequel wrap up the loosened ends.

Well mr of the ring languages were worked on because that 50 years by a philologist so i hope they make sense! ns dunno, exactly how was Stitch"s language constructed? As simple as "hutchbuggee = car" word substitution or as complex as LotR whereby there space multiple stems, lot of language divisions and also where Feanor as soon as turned his earlier on the Noldor because they stated S instead of the "pth" sound.

Actually, yeah....I do understand a couple of words in Stitch"s language. Soka = sorry Okie-taka = Okey-dokey Gaba = What Achi-baba = friend Iky = Yuck Meega nala quista/kweesta = (Some sort of naughty or threaten phrase.) there is so much more..... ns agree that there need to be an ext L&STS posts. There are two episodes left before season 1 ends, i believe..."Bad Stitch" and also another one, which will certainly air Monday, Feb. 9 (no illustration title shown, though...just the description).
Tucsoncoyote below You recognize One Radical Dude, it got me to thinking around Stitch"s Language.. And also in reality I too like Lilo and also Stitch, yet what yes, really gets me is the reality that no one has actually not however come up v a dictionary or Phrase-ology publication for Lilo and Stitch. (They did that for the Klingon Language because that Star Trek).. (So why no a thesaurus or a Phraseology publication where we have the right to all discover Stitch-enese!) (I think that would certainly go over great for the kids..)

A "Stitch-ese"..whatever-you-call-it book...
No doubt, tc and also wren. The would sell well. I might get it, too, if it ever before releases.Hamutaro, "let"s go" translates as "goobaja". Is that words you hear a lot, or is the something else?
Again it"s funny if Stitch-ese (let"s just speak to it that) becomes renowned with the kids.. ~ all i do understand that Klingon linguistics eventually ended up being an main language through the civilization just 3 year after the Kilingon Linguistics dictionary (of which Mr. Michael dorn (Lt. Worf the Star Trek: The next Gerneration and Rufus 3000 that Kim Possible: A Sitch In Time) aided develop.. The could also develop into an audio CD wherein we can hear Stitch teaching us to Speak Stitch-ese! (Uh Mr. Eisner, can I have actually your job... Pweeeease???? (Puppy Dog Pouts))
No doubt, tc and wren. The would offer well. I can get it, too, if it ever releases. Hamutaro, "let"s go" equates as "goobaja". Is that the word you hear a lot, or is it something else?
Meega = I/me Kweesta = ruin (because in "Bad Stitch", it was ovious that that"s what it meant, because he maintained saying something choose "you will certainly destroy", climate Stitch claimed "Meega nala kweesta", then later on "Meega Naga Kweesta"/I will not destroy) so i guess "nala" way "to execute something". wow... Um... They placed a most thought right into this... We need to start trying to decode what the various other ones are saying, due to the fact that they every speak the same language (except the english-speaking ones)
In "627", pay attention since Stitch says a lot in his alien language that Jumba translates that"ll really help decipher his language.
I believe the language Stitch speak in the series is Hawaiian. Unfortunately. I don"t speak the language.
You sure about that?
I thought it was some sort of made-up extraterrestrial language (I generally view the closed Captioning because that the show, i m sorry isn"t always accurate). Ns don"t think so, but that"s other the persons that work on the series know. I"m going come disagree with you there. But there room plenty that Hawaiian native on the show, such together lolo (I think that method "crazy"), mahalo (thanks), and also a couple of others. ~ above the theme song, much of the is Hawaiian, ns believe. Tookie bah wah = Let"s get started (or "let"s begin")Iki bah bah = which You likewise hear "Iki tookie nee ha", "aka tiki bah bah", and "gaba ika tasoopa"....yep, yep...a booklet or other to translate these indigenous is necessary.
her right due to the fact that those ant alien things from men black say the in one of two people the an initial on or second but im sure its the first on

Earlier this year was the 20th anniversary that macOS (then well-known as Mac OS X): 10.0 "Cheetah". Today, it"s the 20th anniversary of the following release: 10.1 "Puma".
The MeTV digital schedule because that Bugs Bunny and Friends mistakenly detailed People are Bunny for now when rather there to be Hare Trigger.Also, now seems prefer an anniversary for something...just trying come remember what it was ns was thinking of.

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