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Chinese character and stroke bespeak animation"How perform I compose 美 ( mĕi ) correctly?"The strokes that all Chinese personalities are written of room to be written in a details order which has originally been defined by Chinese calligraphy. Composing all personalities according come the same rules assures that their intended shape and also style are generally preserved also if created by different writers.This shows you the exactly stroke order together an computer animation for all personalities so you have the right to learn and understand exactly how to compose the personality correctly. :

The timeless Chinese characters of mĕi are identical
with the contemporary (simplified) characters displayed above.

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Chinese Pinyin instance sentence v 美 ( mei / mĕi ) Writing in PinyinBefore making use of this Pinyin instance sentence, think about that Chinese characters should constantly be your first choice in written communication. If friend cannot use Chinese characters, the is preferable to usage the Pinyin with tones. Only use the Pinyin without tones if there"s no other alternative (e.g. Composing a text message from/to a mobile phone the doesn"t assistance special characters such as ā, í, ŏ, ù).
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美 is written of 9 strokes and therefore is of low complexity contrasted to the other simplified Chinese personalities (average: 13.1 strokes).

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virtue|to prettify美 ( mei / mĕi ) belongs to the 500 most usual Chinese characters
(rank 122)
美因茨 ( Mĕi yīn cí = Mainz ), 美国 ( Mĕiguó = America ), 美丽 ( mĕilì = beautiful ), 美容 ( mĕiróng = beauty beauty ), 美食 ( mĕishí = delicacy ),
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