Hello,Could anyone help explicate the adhering to sentences as level as possile? space they interchangeable? many thanks in advance!A. John is no an ext intelligent 보다 Sam.B. John is not much more intelligent 보다 Sam.Goophy
No, they are not interchangeable.A method that john is of equal knowledge as Sam. However B method that john is less intelligent 보다 Sam.

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The factor that i surmised it"s ambiguous comes from the translate in of my mom tongue due to the fact that the translate into goes prefer "Both John and also Sam space not intelligent". However, when I check out this Enlgish sentence, it developed to me the only means "John is ~ above a par through Sam." It"s not vital that they are not intelligent. Am i right?
It also may be simply an assertion that doesn"t imply anything about how intelligent one of two people of castle are. On the other hand, the second sentence is not ambiguous.
that is simply an assertion the no matter how intelligent john is (or isn"t,) Sam same intelligent. That doesn"t suggest anything about how intelligent one of two people is.Added
: Cross-posted v goophy. I think ns agree through that understanding.

Thanks, Cagey!John is not much more intelligent than Sam.This is just how I view it: "less than" is not necessarily equal to "not more than". Man is together intelligent together Sam in ~ best. Could I read it like that?
Yes, at best John is as intelligent together Sam.
It"s also possible that man is much less intelligent than Sam.

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Sorry for being bothersome! I"d prefer to make certain the "no more adj. Than..." pattern. I typical what the aboriginal speakers the English normally use this pattern? might anyone give me a definite answer?Is it typically used together "no adj. Much more than..." or supplied as "not over the level adj. Than ...." (Sorry because that my bad English! i hope girlfriend guys recognize what I"m talking about.)?Example: Amber is no an ext beautiful than Becca.meaning1: Amber is not beautiful, and also Becca is no beautiful, either. Yet by comparison, Amber could be much less beautiful than Becca. To placed in a short but devilish way, Amber is as ugly as Becca.meaning2" Amber is beatiful, and also Becca is beautiful, too. But by comparison, Amber is less beatiful than Becca or Amber is together beautiful together Becca at best. At last, go ago to the point where I initially ask: room they never ever interchangeable--no more adj...than / not more adj...thanThanks very much!
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They certain seem interchangeable to me. I see no distinction in meaning. We space probably more likely to usage "no more than" once making comparisons, and "not much more than" when contradicting a statement, yet either is feasible in one of two people case.