Spanish vocabulary have the right to vary greatly in between countries. Utilizing the vocabulary of one country in an additional can draw weird looks or an outcome in confusion or even an insult.Learning the vocabulary and slang the the country in i m sorry you arrangement to spend time, will assist you become more immersed in the culture.

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Vaina has 4 main meanings. It deserve to be interpreted as thing, stuff or something, such as “Esa vaina es fea”, i m sorry signifies that point is ugly.
Vaina can additionally be supplied as an exclamation, such together “¡De vaina¡”, which method by chance! Or “¡Qué vaina!”, which signifies darn it.Thirdly, it can lug the feeling that someone think they are far better than someone else. “Echar vaina” method to brag and “privar en vaina” way to it is in arrogant.Finally, “Tratar de vaina” means to treat someone through indifference. As you have the right to tell “vaina” is a an extremely useful word. There is a factor we placed this together #1 on ours list!

2) Bacano

This is a renowned Colombian slang phrase, however also an extremely popular in the Dominican Republic (DR). Bacano has the same definition as bacán in Chile when referring come an object.
If something is bacano, then it is really great and the human likes it a lot. Friend can likewise say “¡Qué bacano!”, which means how great! it is a common expression that you have the right to use anywhere Latin America and also people will understand you.If a human being is bacano, climate they are an excellent at doing something that is difficult. Finally, bacano can likewise translate as dude in the feeling “Bacano, vamos”. Native Domicans use this one to represent dude, let’s go.

Colmado is a valuable word to recognize if you space in the DR and are in search of a rapid snack. A colmado is a tiny corner keep or a convenience store.If you go to the DR, you will certainly see numerous colmados.

4) Concho

Concho is another good word to understand when travel to the DR. Concho is a vehicle or motorcycle offered for transportation in the Dominican Republic.In all my time in southern America, I have never heard this one used, for this reason it truly is a Dominican-specific word.Looking for a fun method to get about the DR and also hang v the locals?Grab a concho.

5) Yala

Yala is more than likely one the my favourite Dominican slangs. This is a common word provided in informal settings about friends.It"s a common method to say, "okay." If something is it s okay or alright, climate “yala” is the word you want to use.So next time you want to speak “okay” in the DR make certain to use “yala”.

6) Dime a ver

Just choose in English, the phrase “What’s up?” is used everywhere the world.Dominicans typically want to recognize what is walking on with you. So next time friend hear “¿Dime a ver?” you will certainly be ready and also able to tell what is walk on with you.

7) Que Lo Que

Tired of utilizing played out Spanish greeting phases, like, "¿Qué Tal?" or "¿cómo estás?"Why not shot a neighborhood Dominican favorite, "¿Que lo que?"
"Que lo que" is a really popular Dominican slang word come use roughly friends come ask essentially, "what"s going on?" It"s a simple Dominican slang phrase that girlfriend can conveniently use anywhere in the DR.So following time girlfriend come into contact with a Dominican friend make certain to usage the phrase, "¿Que lo que?" and also be all set to it is in amazed by your giddy excitement.

8) Nítido

Nítido comes from the English native “neat” and also carries the same an interpretation as in “great” or “cool”.You have the right to say “¡Qué nítido!” if you see something you prefer or if someone speak you a an excellent story.
I choose this phrase a lot and also especially favor that the is easy to remember together it virtually has words neat in it.
Lengua larga literally equates to “long tongue”.However, it describes a talkative human or even at times describes someone who is an fully liar.It came about because someone who is continually talking constantly has your tongue the end of their mouth and also as expected is frequently stretching the truth.
Having a lengua larga isn"t the many flattering of comments so be careful with which Dominican friend you say has a lengua larga.

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10) Dame dato…

Dame dato literally equates to “give me a item of information”.Dominicans use this phrase once they desire you come tell them around something. Next time you should get more information you have the right to say “dame dato”.