Who is Rachel Levin?

The renowned American YouTuber, Rachel Levin is a beauty, beauty guru who climbed to reputation in 2010 v her YouTube Channel-RCLBeauty101. Her channel has roughly twelve million subscribers and comprises of greatly teen audience. Personally from being a YouTube, Levin is a social media influencer too and vaunts a considerable fan following on society media too.

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Rachel ranked an initial on the list of society media influencers under the period of twenty-one. She bagged number of awards consisting of Streamy awards and also the Teen choice Awards. The influencer write-ups videos regarded fashion, lifestyle and food.

Rachel Levin Age, Height, Weight and Childhood


The Pisces baby, Rachel was born in Philadelphia top top February 24, 1995. The famed YouTube star is one American by nationality. Debra Levin is she mother. She functions as a lawyer. While her father’s identity remains unknown, we do know that he is a doctor by profession. Levin has two older brothers and also a younger sister. While she brothers’ name is David and also Josh Levin, Daniella Levin is her sister. Rachel has actually two half-siblings; they room Cory and Alyssa.

Rachel went to Penn State Brandywine ~ above a complete scholarship. Later, she left college to go after her attention in being a YouTuber.

Daniella Levin

Daniella Levin is Rachel’s younger sister. Levin introduced Daniella to she fans in 2012 in a “Sister Tag” video.

Her Instagram account has over ninety thousand followers. She usually write-ups pictures of herself in different places.

Rachel Levin Career

When Rachel was fifteen year old in the year 2010, she started uploading videos of she makeup routines on YouTube. The an initial video she uploaded had actually the location “How come Conceal Under Eye Dark Circle”. Later, Levin started making vlogs native December. As soon as she was sixteen, The wall surface Street Journal even quoted her in an article namely “Mixing Makeup for The Webcam” concerning her assembly DIYs.

Rachel do a attribute in a Forbes newspaper article, “Rachel Levin: A YouTube through A positive Message”. The YouTuber quoted in many magazines consisting of the issue of Cosmopolitan dubbed “The United states of Style”. The magazine additionally had her feature connecting to her YouTube video “I to be Ugly” wherein she talks about body issues in girls; she featured her younger me in the critically acclaimed film.

Rachel is a multi-faceted artist on society media and also YouTube. She touch fashion, lifestyle, comedy, beauty, DIY videos and even social worries like bullying, suicide and self-image on YouTube.

Levin recently debuted her single “Myself” through the sunlight & sky Records. Her very first single sends a blog post of self-love and also acceptance. The song got a an excellent response from she followers, who might relate come the emotion.

Rachel Levin Boyfriend

Rachel date the Instagram personality, Isaac Nakaash, in 2013 for 3 years until 2016. Her friends introduced her come Tyler Regan. Levin and Regan started dating in 2017. In 2019, they chose to component their ways. Sources mention that Regan acquired immense popularity on Instagram and also YouTube ~ he started dating Rachel.

At present, Rachel is no dating anyone. And, she never ever exchanged wedding vows v anyone or had any children.

Rachel Levin network Worth


Rachel leads a really luxurious way of life in Los Angeles. The estimated net worth of this YouTube star is approximately USD 3 million. She earns from society media and also her YouTube channel.

Fun Facts about Rachel Levin

She has a pet lamb named Alo.She dislikes choose music for her YouTube videos.She calls she fans Levinators.She did cheerleading when she was in school.

Frequently inquiry Questions

How old is RCL beauty?Rachel is 26 years old together in 2021.Where walk Rachel Levin grow up?Rachel to be born and brought increase in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.How high is Rachel Levin?Rachel is 5 feet and 8 inches tall.Who is Rachel Levin dating?Rachel is solitary as the now.How much is Rachel Levin worth?Levi’s net worth is around $13 million.What is RCLBeauty101 genuine name?RCLBeauty101’s actual name is Rachel Claire Levin.Did Rachel and Isaac broke up?Rachel and Isaac damaged up back in 2016.

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Does Rachel Levin have actually siblings?Rachel has five siblings.